April 1, 2011

Today you should read: Mark 12:1-27

Once again Jesus paves the way to lay the smack down on the religious people of His time. It always strikes me as odd that the main group of people that Jesus seems to bust on all the time is the “super-spiritual” people of His day.

Verses 1-12, 13-17, and 18-27 deal with “super-spiritual” people who think they have everything figured out and call into question Jesus’ unconventional ways of doing things. In chapter 11, verses 27-33, we see Jesus’ authority being called into question and from this context, chapter 12 begins.

In the passage, Jesus speaks in the form of a parable. Slaves are those sent by God who are to tell of the coming Messiah. The individuals who beat and kill the slaves are those of the “super-spiritual” religious type who ignore the message of the prophets. At this point, I almost started ragging on the individuals who beat the slaves and sent them away, but then I had a thought…

How long did I reject those who tried to bring me the good news of Jesus Christ? How many of us grew up in church, have been baptized, read our Bibles, said the prayers, hung out with all the people doing the super-spiritual things and then bashed those who claim that it’s not about what you do but rather Who you know?

Now, don’t get me wrong; I fully grasp the fact that when you know Christ the overflow will be that of desiring to know Him more (desiring the spiritual disciplines). But how many of us are just like the Pharisees, thinking we have it all figured out when in actuality, we are making it about what we do rather than loving Jesus?

What was the result of these “vine-dressers” rejecting the slaves (the men God sent to help them see truth) and eventually rejecting His beloved Son? The Vine Grower would destroy all those who rejected Him.

We see in verses 13-17 and 18-27 that the Pharisess, Saducees, and Scribes are trying to get Jesus in a hot spot and get him to say the wrong things, but Jesus answered with steadfast ease! And again the Saducees tried to stump Jesus about resurrection – they tried to stump the King of Kings who was going to die and be resurrected. Now did they believe this? No, so we can cut them some slack, but what is the real issue behind all of these questions?

The people were not truly seeking to understand; they were seeking to bring Him down. This is where I fall under conviction. When I am faced with a differing opinion or someone with a different evangelical view, do I seek to understand them with an open mind asking God to lead me into truth, or do I simply brush disagreements off because things are not exactly the way I think they ought to be.?

The Pharisees, Saducees, and Scribes all brushed aside the truth that Jesus was proclaiming because it did not align with how they thought things ought to be, and as a result, they ended up rejecting the very One who could save them.

Now get this – you want to talk about the sovereignty and glory of God? Check out verses 10 and 11 of this passage. Now read Psalm 118:22-23 and see how this promise was fulfilled. I hope you see the beauty in this cross reference. The very thing that was happening in this passage was intended to happen from the foundation of the world in order that the “Beloved Son” in verse 6 would be rejected and killed by the “super-spiritual” people so that God would receive glory after pouring out His divine wrath on His only Son and then raising Him from the dead!

How do you think the Pharisess, Scribes and Saducees (those who didn’t believe in the resurrection) responded after all this took place? Do you think a few might have repented after this? It blows me away to think that all Scripture proves itself and brings glory to God!

Posted by: Zach Monroe

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

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