April 26, 2011

Today you should read: Joshua 14

What are you asking God to do that only God can do? Are you chasing after something so big that when you tell others about the dream you have, they think it’s impossible?

It has been said, “If you win the men you win the war”. What I mean by this statement is simply that, if a general were to win his men over and gain their trust and loyalty, then the men would go to battle and never give up. We see this under the leadership of Joshua in today’s reading. There is some pretty astounding stuff in these verses. Once again, if you’re a man’s man, this passage will fire you up and give you motivation to fight the good fight like Paul tells Timothy.

Before Moses died, he commanded Joshua to break up the land into portions to give to the different tribes. There were nine and a half tribes that that land was to be distributed to. The first tribe to receive land was the tribe of Judah, but something crazy happens just before Joshua begins to portion out the land. This rough and tough old dude named Caleb is filled with the Holy Spirit and asks Joshua if he can have the city named Hebron. Now, this might not seem like a big deal if you have been tracking with us through the book of Joshua – you know now that there were some pretty tough warrior dudes all throughout this book – but the crazy thing about Caleb was, at the time of this request, he was 85 years old! Let me say that again: HE WAS 85 YEARS OLD.

Here is a little background on Caleb:
1) He was spared from the plague that took the unbelieving spies in Numbers 14:36-38.
2) He did not die while they were wandering the dessert.
3) He didn’t die during all the battles of Canaan.
4) Finally, we see his faith stronger than ever and he wants to continue to conquer cities.

As we enter the storyline in chapter 14, Caleb makes a request of Joshua asking for the territory of Hebron, which was then ruled by Anakim. Evidently, the Anakim people were giant in size and a great people. So, what does Caleb do? What any 85 year old warrior under the power of a Holy God would do: he thinks to himself, “They are on my land. I am a man of God desiring to glorify God. I will conquer them and drive them out of the land by the strength of God!”

There are several things that leap off the pages of God’s Holy Word when I read this passage. Verse 11 is something I pray that will be true of me one day. Caleb says, “Joshua, I am as strong as I was when Moses sent me!” I pray to God that I am as strong and stronger than I am today. I pray that you are, too. I pray that your strength will increase and your faith will deepen every single day of your life. My second observation is in verse 14. The reason Joshua gave Caleb the city of Hebron was because Caleb followed the Lord fully. Oh, how I pray that I live this way. I don’t want to be a man that follows God halfway, or just when I want to, but all the time FULLY!

Hopefully, this will challenge all the men out there to step up their game and unleash their inner warrior for the glory of God and the good of people. If you’re a man, be the warrior God created you to be. Make no mistake: we are in a war and Satan is trying to drive a stake in this country and claim this land. I beg you to have holy ambition! Beg God today that He would give you a ministry or a job where you make tons of money that can be funneled into the kingdom of God or a prayer life that starts at 4 a.m. and ends when you go to bed. Pray, beg, and plead with God that you will be like Caleb, glorifying God and remaining strong until the day you die! The future generations depend on it.

In the words of Tim Parsons, “Get off your blessed assurance and do damage for the Kingdom of God!”

Worship God. Enjoy God. Be useful to His Kingdom!

Posted by: Zach Monroe

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

7 thoughts on “April 26, 2011”

  1. Very motivational, Zach! You’re a great cheerleader for our God. Thank you for the uplifting message and encouraging words.
    May we all be eager to serve the One True God…and serve Him with gladness. May we all become more aware of people in need and help them – instead of focusing on our wants. Jesus supplies all our needs, so we have nothing about which to worry.
    Thank You, Jesus, for Your love. Thank You for salvation. Thank You for Center Point Church.
    Many blessings to you…..

  2. Zach,what a passionate exhortation for us to be all about the kingdom of God and being totally useful to Him. Praying that God will light a holy fire under us all that we might obey and fully follow Him that we would lead others to our mighty Savior!!!

  3. Question…if Caleb still has fighting to do, why does the end of verse 15 say “then the land had rest from war”? It seems contradictory though I am sure it’s not; any thoughts anyone?

    Thanks, Zach! You have a way of pumping us up!

  4. Thanks Zach – motivating for a “man’s man” and a “woman’s woman”. When I read it – I remember that God always keeps His promises. I may not have my inheritance today – but that’s why they call it an inheritance. It’s coming – because God can be trusted.

    But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Savior. He will take our weak mortal bodies and change them into glorious bodies like his own, using the same power with which he will bring everything under his control. Philippians 3:20-21

  5. Kim: The way I read that passage, the “land had rest from war” AFTER Caleb subdued it…. just a thought.

    Happy Tuesday CPC!

  6. What a powerful battlecry Zach. What strikes me about this passage is caleb gives God the glory. He acknowledges that God brought him through the wilderness and wasn’t afraid of his enemy because he knew God had already defeated him. Caleb had faith that God would finish what He started in him and that God would give him the strength to fight the enemy.

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