May 1, 2012

Today you should read: Haggai 2

In the wake of the recent tornados in Kentucky and all over the country, there are many homes that have been destroyed. We’ve all seen the pictures of debris, which was once someone’s home, scattered all over hillsides and fields after the tornados mercilessly ripped through small towns. It may take a while, but many will rebuild their homes and their towns and move forward with life. I can imagine that some people who had lived in those homes and small towns will look at their newly rebuilt homes and towns and say, “You know, it’s just not the same or as nice as it used to be.”

Similarly, that is the attitude of the remnant that is rebuilding the temple. In chapter 2, fellowship with God has been restored and they are back to serving God (see Haggai 1:12). The temple is being rebuilt, but the people are discouraged when they compare this new temple with the old temple of Solomon. The new temple doesn’t compare (vs. 3). It’s just not the same as it used to be.

Let me be transparent here. Honestly, I have similar thoughts as I compare CPC Lexington and CPC Richmond. I look at our new campus in Richmond, and I think, “Man, CPC Richmond doesn’t quite stack up to CPC Lexington.” The reason I think that is because there are more people at our Lexington campus, and we’re a little more “polished” in Lexington. There are more families plugged into our Lexington campus, as well, which makes it feel more stable and consistent. As we build this new campus in Richmond, it’s easy for me to get a little discouraged because we don’t have a lot of families involved (yet), and we’re not completely polished (yet), and there aren’t hundreds of people who can serve in various roles at the church (yet). I can sort of relate to the remnant that was playing the comparison game with the new temple that was being built.

Verses 4-5 give a message of hope and encouragement to the remnant. God tells them to take courage and keep working because He is with them. God’s covenant promise to them is still valid. His Spirit is with them, so they need not fear.

Well, verses 4-5 give a message of hope and encouragement to me as well. I can take courage and come to Richmond and work like crazy, because I can trust that God is with me and He is doing a great work. The same Spirit that was with the Israelites when He brought them out of Egypt is with me and our church today. He will grow the church in Richmond to be exactly what He wants it to be. People in the Richmond area will experience the promised Messiah through CPC Richmond because God wants them to experience Him.

I choose to take courage and work, and watch God do amazing things in Richmond. In what ways do you need to take courage, work, trust in Him, and be without fear today?

Posted by: Rich Duffield


Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “May 1, 2012”

  1. Perfectly put Rich! God is working and moving all around us all the time……the question for us is…..are we going to look, listen, and obey….and be satisfied with the areas in which he has given us the privilege of being a vessel… fulfil his purposes!? That should be reason enough to praise his holy name for “the moment” that we see him working and for the things that we see him doing. Praying daily for you, Becky, and the Richmond campus and for God’s spirit to be poured out on it!! We are celebrating the work that he is doing there!

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