December 20, 2012

Today you should read: 2 Samuel 6:1-15

So David is en route to take the ark of the covenant back to Jerusalem with him and he has 30,000 men there to help him. A lot happens in this story we can learn from so I want to try and hit it all quick for you.

1. God’s honor and holiness are highest priority, always
Uzzah is one of the men who is helping and he tocuhes the ark to stablize it because the oxen had fallen. When I read this it reminded me of a post from our very own Rich Duffield that was very insightful:

God killed a guy for touching the Ark of the Covenant. (2 Samuel 6:7). The guy was probably a good guy, just trying to serve and be helpful. But, God’s standard is that holiness and unholiness do not mix. Anyone who is not holy in God’s eyes will also die, both physically and spiritually. There’s one way to be holy in God’s sight, and it has nothing to do with being a good person. It has everything to do with what Jesus did in order to provide us with the opportunity to receive complete forgiveness.

And I think that is a pretty good explanation of what happened here. What we can learn from this is that God’s holiness and honor are serious and we need to have the utmost respect and honor for them. When we give higher priortiy to anything else, even something as big as protecting the ark of the covenant, we are saying that something is more important than God’s glory and holiness and that is never the case.

2. We can never give too much of ourselves to praise God
David was playing and singing and dancing with all his might. He was so into it that he basically stripped down to his underwear and danced. Now, I don’t recommend this as a great way to worship on Sunday morning but David did not consider his dignity of any value compared to his opportunity to praise his God and we should be the same.

3. There is a difference between fear and reverence
David was unwilling for the ark to come to Jerusalem with him after Uzzah died for fear that he too would die. We should all absolutely tread lightly before God and always be aware that He is the God of the universe and we are his creation. However, we are also told that our God is a God who longs to be sought after, a God who wants us to know Him and to walk with him. David missed out on 3 months of blessings because he was unwilling to do this. What blessings have you missed or are you missing right now because you are unwilling to be in the presence of your God?

Posted by: Robbie Byrd


Author: Center Point Church

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One thought on “December 20, 2012”

  1. v.14) And David danced before the Lord with all his might, wearing a priestly garment.

    I have always heard this is “proof positive” that David was not a Baptist.

    Relax everybody……..just kidding! Thanks for the post and comments Robbie! Merry Christmas!

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