May 13, 2013

Today you should read: Nehemiah 3

“Let’s get to work!”  I can hear Nehemiah saying that since he has gathered workers to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.  In chapter 3, a bunch of workers is hard after it, rebuilding the wall.  I’m glad I studied chapter 3 because the Lord discretely revealed an important leadership principle.  Let’s look at it.

Real Leaders Lead by Example.

Re-read verse 1.  Eliashib was the high priest, a man with a big, important positional title.  Here we see that he wasn’t just a leader by title only.  He got down in the trenches with his brothers and got his hands dirty.  He led by example.  I don’t think it’s an accident that the high priest was the first name mentioned amongst all those who worked on the wall.

Leadership is much more than just having a title.  Eliashib could have just passionately exhorted people to get to work on the wall because of his position.  Instead, he joined in the work.  Leaders must be willing to do the tasks that they challenge their followers to do.  As a leader, it’s easy to challenge people to evangelism, discipleship, serving, etc., but a real leader actually does more than just talk about it.  A leader does what he/she challenges others to do and leads by example.  Leaders talk about AND model what they want to see accomplished.

I have observed that most positional leaders don’t usually even talk about the task that needs to be done if they aren’t willing to participate in the task.  Pastors that rarely talk about discipleship usually aren’t intentionally discipling anyone.  Connect Group leaders that rarely challenge their group to reach the lost usually aren’t sharing the gospel themselves.  Spiritual leaders must be willing to get in the trenches.  When a leader is in the trenches, they are being a powerful example to their followers and they are much more apt to talk about whatever it is they are leading people to do.

Now, re-read verse 5.  The Tekoites made repairs, but their noblemen did not support the work of their masters.  In other words, they weren’t willing to work.  So, here we have some important Tekoite men who weren’t willing to work.  These men have the dishonor of being the only group of men listed in this chapter who DID NOT work.  These were men who had an important title, but weren’t willing to get in the trenches.  These men were positional leaders, but they really weren’t leading anyone by example.

Leaders lead by example; they don’t just hope others do the task that is at hand.  This chapter challenges me to be a better leader.  I want to lead by example.  I want to model in the areas of evangelism and discipleship, as well as many other areas where I believe the Lord wants me to lead.

Oh, and parents, well, I don’t think I even need to say anything about the importance of leading your children by example.

Posted by: Rich Duffield


Author: Center Point Church

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