July 6, 2013

Today you should read: Jeremiah 4:19-31

What comes to your mind when you think of America? For many of us we think this is a land of freedom, capitalism, opportunity, etc. There are a million words that we could think of to describe our country. From God’s perspective, however, today’s passage maybe a more accurate account of where we are heading and where God’s heart is for us. Like Israel, God gave us a land of plenty and abundant blessings. We were founded as a country under the rule and governance of God and His word, but, like Israel we have strayed far from those roots and now we resemble the Israel that Jeremiah saw and lamented over. We have taken God’s blessings and protection for granted and, sadly, I believe we are heading for the same fate as that of Israel. Our country is breaking the heart of God every day by our practices and our motives. Everyday people wake up with hearts motives of making money for greed’s sake or finding the next pleasure to satisfy their own need. We worship idols of success, sports, glamour, fame, money, sex, drugs, music, etc. I believe we have a list of idols far greater and more entrenched in our society than that of Israel in its day. People in America today give more of their time, attention, money and loyalty to these idols than ever before and we are on the cusp of paying dearly for it.

So here are two questions to ponder today:

  1. Where is your heart?

Is your heart near to God or is it torn between God and other things? Here’s one for you: When UK is playing basketball, what is more important to you, the game or your relationship with Jesus?

  1. Is your heart broken for your country?

Jeremiah looked around and saw what was happening to Israel and his heart was broken for his countrymen. In fact, He wrote an entire book about it, called Lamentations. Jeremiah was concerned for those around him that they were suffering for their sins. Many of us are either; A) worried about our church and family and don’t care about those outside of it B) glad they are being punished, “serves them right” or C) Worried about ourselves and how we can be okay and taken care of. These are not a reflection of God’s heart. He is not willing that any should perish but that all would come to a saving knowledge of Him and we should share that heart with Him.

Posted by: Robbie Byrd


Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “July 6, 2013”

  1. Today I was struck by verse 22…I believe it provides us a glimpse at how God views us when we choose to go our own way. “My people are fools; they do not know me. They are senseless children; they have no understanding. They are skilled in doing evil; they know not how to do good.” Oh that we would seek God’s ways with a desire and longing that cannot be quenched.

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