November 29, 2013

Today you should read: 2 Timothy 1:13-18

“Follow the pattern of sound words that you have heard from me” (v.13) these words resonate with me and I am sure with many of you as well. I had a dad who was a provider and a hard worker but he was not a believer and pretty absent when it came to teaching me anything about manhood. When I think about the relationship that Paul and Timothy had I think about the godly men in my life who invested in me and helped me to learn what true manhood looks like. The first guy that I think of is Josh Duncan. He is on staff with Campus Outreach and was on Eastern Kentucky University’s campus when I was there as a student in 2007. Josh met me when I was still a lost frat boy doing what you imagine a frat boy might do. He befriended me and shared the gospel for months while I still lived a life a part from God. That summer I realized that I was a sinner in need of a savior and ask Christ into my life as Lord. Josh was there to disciple me for the next two years. Josh was the first person to help me realize that true manhood was built around faith in Jesus Christ.

The next guy I think about is Tim Parsons, who as most of you know is our pastor here at Center Point Church. I came to Center Point when it was just two years old and started to understand the need for the local church. I was growing in my faith but I was still green when it came to maturity in leadership. Tim invested in me and taught me that Leaders lead with integrity from their faith and walk with God.

Paul is giving Timothy similar instruction:

1. Paul encourages Timothy to follow his example.

Who in your life can you look to and say they have “influenced me to grow in my faith?” Who do you have that is investing in you?

Who are you investing in? Are you at a place in your faith that you can look at someone and encourage them to follow your example? You do not need to be perfect to do this you just need to be faithful.

2. Paul wants Timothy to remember the gospel.

This is a great lesson for us all. If you want to be a leader and you want to be influential you can never forget or go past the gospel. It is the life blood of our faith and maturity comes when we grow deeper in our understanding of it.

3. Paul wants Timothy to remember that the power comes from the Holy Spirit.

You will not be able to make yourself into a godly person. That only happens through yielding to the power of the Holy Spirit in your life. In what ways do you need to let go and obey the word of God through faith?

Posted by:Chad Wiles


Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

One thought on “November 29, 2013”

  1. A guy named Dave Lootens introduced himself to me at a Cru meeting when I was a junior at Marshall University. He met with me pretty much weekly until I graduated and taught foundational truths that have stuck with me. I find that most of what I teach an the illustrations I use are ones that I remember him sharing with me.

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