December 25, 2013

Today you should read: Song of Solomon 3

So… Merry Christmas. And this passage is awkward.

In a vivid dream, the young bride searches frantically for her groom. She hates being apart from him. Her pursuit is noteworthy. You can see a true passion and desire to reunite with him. It’s the “honeymoon stage”. She can’t get enough of him. This is where the allegory idea does make a little sense: we ought to relentlessly pursue our Groom, Jesus Christ. So where does it get awkward? Well… when she finds him. I know she could have come up with a better place than her mother’s house. Not exactly a husband’s choice vacation spot. But I have had weird dreams too, so I will let her off the hook.

Great wisdom is given in verse 5 (also highlighted in chapter 2). The daughters of Jerusalem are encouraged to take love seriously, and warned not to rush it. Here’s a solid note (on 2:7) from the NLT Study Bible:

This plea is obviously important to the Song; it is repeated in 3:5 and 8:4, and a promise is requested. When a promise was made, witnesses were needed, and the wild animals were the only witnesses present. These graceful animals suggest a romantic pastoral setting. • not to awaken love until the time is right: Or not to awaken love until it is ready. As in 8:8-9, virginity is praised. The woman warns the women of Jerusalem to be cautious and not to hurry love.

The rest of the passage seems to be a continuation of the dream she is having, though some believe that this could have been a real recollection of their wedding day. There is a grandeur to speak of here that we don’t really see elsewhere besides the descriptions of the wedding feast found in Revelation. The entrance of the king is special, holy, and awe-inspiring. Fitting to read about today? I think so.

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