December 30, 2013

Today you should read: Song of Solomon 7

Well, another day…another chapter about sex. It is hard to write much more about the subject however, one thing did jump out to me in this chapter that I want to throw to the husbands out there:

Husbands need to complement their wives and romance them often.

The bulk of this chapter is Solomon giving wonderful complements to his wife. It is easy when you are dating, engaged, and newly married to see the good things in your spouse and tell them about them. As time passes the things you used to be so enamored with become common place and we often take them for granted. We forget to tell her that her hair looks nice or that her dress makes her look hot. We forget to tell our wives they still look good to us. Hopefully, today’s reading helps spark in us a desire to let our wives know that they’ve still “got it” and that we are still crazy about them.

So, here is the challenge for guys today (and if your wife reads jumpstart you better do this). Get your wife some flowers, candy, or some other thing she might like and, either write her a note or tell her in person how much you love her and how attractive she is to you. Then, remember to repeat this every day for the rest of your life and things will go well for you.

Posted by:Robbie Byrd

Author: Center Point Church

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