March 22, 2014

Today you should read: Deuteronomy 1:9-18

The Hardships of Leadership…

I think it’s ironic here, that Moses is encouraging Israel to trust in the Land of Promise, and all the while recounting the hardships it took to get them where they are.  Encouragement for the future sometimes entails considering the mistakes of the past.  During this remembrance, Moses tells of when he appointed leaders.

It was his father-in-law, Jethro, who suggested it, if you remember back to Exodus 18.  Moses had a lot of people to lead and they were difficult to lead many times, but God used Jethro in his life to help him lead wisely and strongly.  I think we can glean some insights into leadership as we look at these verses:

Today’s “Walk-a-Way”

1.  Increased leadership inevitably comes with increased problems (v 9-12)

“Moses continued, “At that time I told you, ‘You are too great a burden for me to carry all by myself. The Lord your God has increased your population, making you as numerous as the stars! And may the Lord, the God of your ancestors, multiply you a thousand times more and bless you as he promised! But you are such a heavy load to carry! How can I deal with all your problems and bickering?”

God’s people were growing and this was a good thing.  It was the fulfillment of His promise to fill the earth with His people.  But even though this was a blessing, it came with more problems.  For us, all the people we lead have expectations, wants, and problems.  Put more people together and it’s not hard to figure out what you’ll get…more expectations, wants, and problems.

2.  Increased leadership inevitably requires increased delegation (v 13-15)

“Choose some well-respected men from each tribe who are known for their wisdom and understanding, and I will appoint them as your leaders.’  “Then you responded, ‘Your plan is a good one.’ So I took the wise and respected men you had selected from your tribes and appointed them to serve as judges and officials over you. Some were responsible for a thousand people, some for a hundred, some for fifty, and some for ten.”

Moses couldn’t lead all of the people by himself.  It was simply too much to bear.  He had to release it.  If he would have hoarded the leadership out of his own micromanagement or his own pride his leadership would have been hindered, and ultimately God’s plan would have been hindered, at least under his leadership it would have been.  He had to delegate and become a leader of leaders.  And for us, as our leadership increases we need to learn to delegate to people of wisdom and understanding.  We can’t do it on our own, we need to learn to delegate, and ultimately extend our leadership.

3.  Increased delegation inevitably requires increased time of training (v 16-18)

“At that time I instructed the judges, ‘You must hear the cases of your fellow Israelites and the foreigners living among you. Be perfectly fair in your decisions and impartial in your judgments. Hear the cases of those who are poor as well as those who are rich. Don’t be afraid of anyone’s anger, for the decision you make is God’s decision. Bring me any cases that are too difficult for you, and I will handle them.’  “At that time I gave you instructions about everything you were to do.

Moses had to instruct those He delegated to on how to deal with the Lord’s people.  He was the leader and his delegates were to fulfill the Lord’s plan, so he was responsible for instructing them, training them, and guiding them.  He empowered his leaders.  I love how he says not to be afraid of anyone’s anger if people don’t like a decision.  He empowered his leaders and they were to lead under the authority of God, so when people were upset the leaders had to trust that it was God who appointed them.  As leaders, we need to empower those we delegate to, as well as instruct them for the task.

All three of these aspects in our leadership will affect the future of many people.  We can learn from Moses as we seek to lead God’s people.  How do you need to adjust in your leadership?

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Author: Center Point Church

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