April 18, 2014

Today you should read: Deuteronomy 15

Before getting into jumpstart let me first start with an invitation to CPC’s Good Friday service tonight at we take part in Lord’s Supper as one united church with all 3 campuses present. Services are at 5:30 and 7pm. This is one of those rare yet special times we can break bread with our brothers and sisters in Christ from Richmond KY, West side of Lexington and East side of Lexington. I hope to see all of you reading this there.

Most of today’s Scripture dealt with the importance of helping the poor. Very timely for any connect group who recently served at Lighthouse ministries in downtown Lexington as a part of their community project for Community Impact Month. Moses talks about the importance of sabbaticals for slaves, freedom for slaves, feeding and taking care of the poor and the slaves you free. If you didn’t already know, slavery looked different in this culture then what it looked like in recent history. If your confused with these verses because of that then I’d encourage you to listen to this short 7 minute answer from John Piper.


We see that most of these passages concerning the treatment of slaves is not relevant to us today but the Scripture concerning the treatment of others we employ and the poor and needy certainly is. In fact, when you first read this chapter, you might think that socialism is where Moses lands at politically (he doesn’t, so you can put down your pitchforks). Moses goes to great extents encouraging Israel to be generous and giving of their materials and to not do so begrudgingly. This is important because it is a characteristic of one who has been given that same treatment from God. Moses reminds them of their freedom from slavery in the Exodus and promises to bless them as they bless others in this way (v. 15-18).

So in light of God’s generous heart for the poor and needy, how do you display that same heart? I joked that socialism is what Moses is pushing for in here (knowing that this is God’s chosen people, not just a country) but I say that because I do believe our western capitalist mindsets have infiltrated the church where we don’t live out these generous lifestyles to those who are poor and needy within our very own church at times. You see the early N.T. church doing this as they shared everything they had with each other in Acts chapters 2 and 4. Do you display that same heart to give and serve to the poor and needy beyond April’s Community Impact Month? If not, what type of action steps may you have to take to display God’s heart in this and make sure our church family looks like this in Deuteronomy 15?

Posted by:Erik Koliser

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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