July 4, 2014

Today you should read: Job 24

Every year our church and students hear about Compassion International, a Christian ministry that sponsors children in poverty-stricken countries in order for them to get water, food, education and most importantly a verbal hearing of the Gospel and opportunity to respond/be discipled. Each year we dedicate a Sunday to exposure for this ministry and both middle school and high school camps dedicate a day to it as well. This has resulted in many families and students to support children through this ministry with two families who were able to even meet the kids they have supported for years in Haiti last summer on a mission trip with CPC.

I bring this up because Job 24 is the cry of every Christian’s heart for those who are needy, starving, fatherless, orphaned, poor and oppressed. Job is sick of arguing and defending himself with his friends and over this chapter starts crying out for those who are similar to his position at the time while saying at the end that God is just and sovereign in how he handles it. Although this should be the cry of every Christian’s heart, we usually forget about how we are commanded to help people out in this state until we hear about ministries like this or God brings us into a similar state like Job was in. When in this position or dwelling upon such devastating needs it’s easy to question God but like Job says in this chapter:

[22] Yet God prolongs the life of the mighty by his power; they rise up when they despair of life.
​[23] He gives them security, and they are supported,
​​and his eyes are up on their ways.

God cares, just like he cared about Job at this time and He shows that care when we take action. For more information on Compassion International visit this link.

Posted by: Erik Koliser

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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