July 5, 2014

Today you should read: Job 25:1-26:4

Today’s passage is quite funny. It is a simple conversation between Job and one of his friends, Bildad. Bildad offers what he thinks are words of wisdom and direction but there is one thing he lacks in his little monologue and it is this:

Theology without love is destructive

This might seem like a weird statement and, for some, may not even make sense. Let’s look at what he says and why it is destructive.
He tells Job a number of real truths about God but he is completely ignoring the fact that his friend is going through real hurt and sorrow. He is more worried about being right and pious than he is comforting his friend. Not only do Bildad’s comments not encourage Job but they cause him to get testy and sassy. Job’s response was to fire back at Bildad. He basically tells Bildad how “helpful” he was for sharing his “wisdom” when really all he needed was a friend to lean on to be there to listen.

This is a great lesson for us to take away. When people in our worlds are hurting sometimes what they need is mercy and grace with a touch of truth, not the other way around. That is why Paul tells us in Ephesians 4:15 to “speak the truth in love.” This is how we comfort those who are hurting. Not with cold hard truth but with warm and compassionate truth. So remember this the next time you have the opportunity to be with someone who is going through a hard time. Mercy triumphs.

Posted by: Robbie Byrd

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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