July 18, 2014

Today you should read: Job 35

Not too long ago I remember seeing a story go viral on facebook about a girl who was asked to leave KFC because her scars and missing eye (from a pitbull) were scaring people eating in the fast food chain. People started sharing the story all over social media crying out against KFC accusing them to be heartless, insensitive and cruel. They were right in those accusations if only the accusations were true for that particular girl and situation. KFC did an investigation and have yet to find one security camera showing the girl and grandma to ever even enter into a KFC and they have now took down their website about it and refused to accept $30,000 KFC offered to help the girl with surgeries, etc. If anyone were to treat a 3 yr old girl in that way I would hope we would stand up against those people and call them cruel, insensitive and heartless because it is true but we have to make sure that the situation is true as well.

I read much of Job 35 and find myself agreeing with much of what Elihu is saying to Job. Elihu warns against believing one’s righteousness should grant favor before God. He later talks about God not listening to the prideful when they cry out to Him along with vain requests and foolish words. Both wise counsel that can be supported by surrounding Scripture. In fact, if you took this chapter alone without the 34 previous chapters and the remaining 7 chapters following it, you’d probably believe Elihu was doing a dang good job ministering to his friend. Of course the problem with Elihu’s advice is not that the advice isn’t true but that it isn’t true for Job much like the KFC situation mentioned above.

Have you ever given good Biblical advice to the wrong person or situation? I know I have. Sometimes I’ve assumed motives or jumped to conclusions when trying to help someone out and was humbled by God pretty quickly. Have you ever done this? Don’t allow this to become an excuse to not keep one accountable or speaking loving truth to someone’s sin but make sure when you do speak up that you speak up knowing all facts and motives to the situation. Sometimes that will take leading questions, patience and more prayer before doing so but it’s better then making truths from God into a lie by wrongly applying it to a situation or person.

Posted by: Erik Koliser

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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