August 13, 2014

Today you should read: Ephesians 6:1-9

Children, obey your parents. Parents, teach your children well.  (vs. 1-4)

Verses 1-2 are pretty straight forward.  Children should obey and honor their parents.  That’s a big responsibility, and verse 3 tells us that the reward for obedience is great.

Verse 4 teaches me, though, that the greater burden and responsibility is actually on the parents for their children to obey and honor them.  Fathers (and I think it’s safe to assume the same command to mothers) are not to provoke their children to anger, but are to raise them under the discipline and instruction of the Lord.  In other words, parents have the huge responsibility to teach their children the importance of obedience, in general, as well as the responsibility to teach them things worthy of their obedience.  What are those things worthy of obedience?  The discipline and instruction of the Lord.

So, parents, verses 1-4 might just be more of a challenge to you than it is your children.  What are you teaching your kids?  How are you instructing them?  Are you holding them accountable to obedience?

Children, are you being obedient?  Are you honoring your parents?  If not, confess that to your parents and to the Lord and commit to obey and honor your parents.

Slaves, obey your masters.  Masters, treat your slaves well.  (vs. 5-9)

The master-slave relationship referred to here parallels an employer-employee relationship.  Verses 5-7 tell us that slaves were to be obedient to their masters with a pure heart.  Now, this effort to be obedient was not to be done just to “please the boss,” so to speak, but to please the Lord.  True obedience is done with a pure heart.  Verse 8 speaks of a great reward that the obedient slave would receive for his/her obedience.

Verse 9 teaches that the boss is supposed to be a boss that is worth following in obedience.  Masters were to be people who didn’t motivate their slaves by threats and harsh treatment.  Instead, they were to treat slaves as the Lord would treat them as the boss—as one who shows no partiality.

So, are you an employee?  If so, work and serve as unto the Lord in all that you do.

Are you an employer?  Treat your employees in such a way that they actually would want to be obedient to you.

Ultimately, this whole section of Scripture is about having obedience with a pure heart.  Remember, all of God’s commandments include His enablements.  His enablement was given in Ephesians 5:18 when He said to be filled with His Spirit.  The power of the Spirit enables us to live in obedience to His commands.  And, we have this power source within us only because of what Christ did on the cross for us.

Posted by: Rich Duffield

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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