August 18, 2014

Today you should read: Daniel 2:1-17

Talk about flying off the handle! Nebuchadnezzar really wanted an interpretation of his dream, but he could find no one to give such a thing to him. He upped the stakes for the “wise men of Babylon” because he was tired of their fake words. Here’s what he wanted: someone to not only give interpretation, but to recount the dream as well without him giving any inkling as to the content of the dream. He wanted a quasi-psychic, mind-reading fortune teller. At the end of the day, nobody met these requirements…. and he had them all killed.

Nebuchadnezzar is a prime example of an overly proud and power-hungry autocratic authoritarian. He had no sense of real justice. He did not serve the true God. People were literally (and fatally) expendable resources. This kind of rule would soon merit harsh judgment.

God used these dreams to get Nebuchadnezzar’s attention and God used Daniel as His mouthpiece to get the point across loud and clear. We all approach this story in scripture with a downward eye on Nebuchadnezzar, but before we throw a stone his way, should we pause to see ourselves in this story?

We may not be killing people and ruling in an unjust way but every single one of us has sin struggles. We all fight to be the god of our own lives. We want it our way and we want our name in the spotlight. So… how is God trying to get your attention?

A recent sermon?
Seeing the downfall of a friend/family member due to sin?
A verse of scripture that won’t leave your head?
A close friend’s rebuke?
A season of discipline from God?
Consequences from a wrong decision?

My advice (to myself, and to anyone reading):

Listen to the voice and heart of the God who loves you.

Posted by: Todd Thomas

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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