September 27, 2014

Today you should read: James 4:6-10

What’s the point of looking into a mirror?

It’s to see what needs fixing so you can fix it. What would happen if you are getting ready for the day and you glance in the mirror only to see you have stuff on your face, your hair is a mess and your shirt is on backwards? What would you do? You would clean your face, comb your hair and fix your shirt. The point of a mirror is to show you where you are off in your appearance so you can correct it. And that is the thought for us today:

God’s word is our moral and spiritual mirror by which we examine our life

The Bible was given to us, in part, to show us where we are off morally and spiritually. It isn’t just a good moral book of do’s and don’t’s but it does guide us in that way. It is also a tool for us to use to expose our hearts and souls to see where we are off spiritually as well. Just like a mirror, if we look into it, see the flaws, but then go on about our merry way we are not only doing ourselves an injustice but we are misusing God’s blessing in our life. The point of spending time with Jesus is to become more like Him. And this is true in most relationships. When you hang around someone long enough you begin to resemble them. The more you spend time in God’s word the more you should become like the Jesus you get to know from it. This can only happen when you spend time in the word. Church and fellowship and even Christian books are great but the bible is the main tool God has given us to transform us into the image of Jesus.

James also talks about what this should produce in us in verses 26-27. Many people claim to be “religious” or “good people” but it is only when you are in God’s word that you begin to realize what that really means. It doesn’t mean doing religious things or just being a “good person.”

True religion, as James puts it here, is a balance of a doing and a being. We do (care for orphans and widows) and we be (not being corrupted by the world) To do is without being is to be a Pharisee.

The Pharisees did many good things, but, as Jesus said, their “hearts were far from me” (Matthew 15:8 ). To be but not do, as James will discuss in detail throughout his letter, means you really are not being because true being in Jesus produces doing in our lives.   So, the thought to take away:

Am I doing and being in Jesus?

Posted by: Robbie Byrd

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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