October 10, 2014

Today you should read: 2 Kings 4:1-7

God is the God of miracles. He isn’t the impotent god that Thomas Jefferson felt the need to demythologize. He is the one who can speak to the seas in the midst of the storm and make them glass-like. He can give deaf people the ability to hear; the blind can see if He chooses to extend His grace to them. Lepers can be permanently healed of their disease through the mere word of our God. Jesus Christ can turn water into wine and feed thousands with a few loaves and fish… and the miracle we read about today sounds similar to those moments.

When this woman, who had recently lost her husband, was facing the debt-collectors, she had nothing to give them. What could she do? In that part of the world at that time in history, she literally could have become their slave. She could have been “redeemed”, though not in the good sense that we celebrate as Christians. Elisha worked alongside this widow’s husband, and she sought his help. In this instance, the Lord chose to do the miraculous (and even if He didn’t, He could still work it out for good and His glory — Romans 8).

One of my favorite parts of this story is that the woman had enough oil not only to pay her debts off but to also have an abundance to live on. Isn’t that the character of our God? He came for us to have an abundant life (John 10). God doesn’t just save us and promise us a future home with Him, He gives us so much more! We have His Spirit, we have fellowship with believers, we have new mercies every single day, we have peace that surpasses understanding, we have His holy Word. We have, we have, and we have some more. Thank you Jesus…

One final thought. Did you notice that Elisha doesn’t seem to be around when this all goes down? That’s the sign of a humble, solid, God-focused leader. He wasn’t worried about getting the credit. He was pointing to God and getting out of the way. The NLT Study Bible says it like this: “Elisha was absent during the miracle so the woman and her son would recognize that the provision was by the Lord’s power.”

For the comments section today, it’d be great if we celebrated the blessings of the Lord. What has He done for you? What can we celebrate from your life that is clearly of the Lord? How has He come through for you in your hour of need? Share them so we can rejoice together!

Posted by: Todd Thomas

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

3 thoughts on “October 10, 2014”

  1. Thanks Todd! God has blessed me in so many ways! I could fill multiple paragraphs singing His praises: Ten years ago I was facing a difficult situation in my career. I had previously left a large corporation to start my own business. Because of some bad decision making I ended up in a terrible situation financially. At the time Tina and I had a 13 yr old son and 9 year old daughter. I was in a deep hole, in my early 40’s, and the job prospects did not appear very bright. God opened the door to an incredible job opportunity at just the right time. Looking back on the experience I realize God was “pruning” me and changing my heart. It was a painful experience however I praise God for it today and thank Him for his mercy & grace.

  2. God used my parents divorce for His good. I wasn’t sure how it would happen but it did. I got to pray with both of parents at separate times after the decision was made. My mom has really started investing in her relationship with God and now goes to church consistsntly to a Bible small group for the first time in her life! I am so thankful for her heart change and can see changes happening in her life! I think God is still working on my Dad’s heart and my siblings. Continue to pray for them. God is good!

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