October 11, 2014

Today you should read: 2 Kings 4:8-37

We worship a God who brings life out of death. We believe this and experience it through Jesus who over 2,000 years ago gave up His life in exchange for our deserved punishment for sin, death. However 3 days later he defeated satan, sin and death when He rose from the grave, physically revealed Himself to others and reveals Himself to us by giving us new life out of spiritual death. Our faith is centered around the resurrection and today’s Old Testament Scripture is a preview of that resurrected faith.

Following Jesus can bring a roller coaster of emotions and we see this from the Shunammite woman who helped out Elisha and then recognized him as a holy man and then ministered to him by offering up her home whenever he passed by. Elisha, appreciating her generosity called her over and asked her what he can do for her in which she answered with a non answer. Elsiha then asked her servant in which he told him that she has an old husband and no son. When Elisha told her that by next year she would embrace a son she replied back in disbelief. If you’ve ever gone through infertility then you know the roller coaster of emotions displayed in these passages and what she was going through. God made good on His promise and gave her a son that following Spring. Imagine the surprise and joy that she experienced, only to come crashing down as her son later died. When Elisha’s servant asked her how her family is doing, she responded how we usually reply to casual acquaintances saying “all is well.” However she was willing to open up to Elisha as she asked the tough questions about God we usually ask when going through such a time. However God was not finished with her or her son as He put new life into the situation and her son. She responded how everyone responds when experiencing new life, with worship.

Death, grief, infertility and such things are ultimately consequences of the fall and even people of God cannot escape them. We will go through the lows as much as the highs and the only answer to those lows is miraculous, life changing resurrection. Spiritual new life along with physical new life. We read this story with a grateful heart as we know that we can worship God in the same way that the shunammite woman did because we have a Risen Savior in Jesus who gives us new life in our situations and in the end when he resurrects our broken bodies into new glorified bodies to worship Him forever.

Posted by: Erik Koliser

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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