October 23, 2014

Today you should read: 2 Kings 12

At first glance this seems like an ordinary passage from 2 Kings. You have a king who does right, or at least mostly right, in the eyes of the Lord. He commissions the temple to be repaired and was trained and taught by Jehoiada, the priest. The amazing part of all this is the last verse in chapter 11.

“Joash was seven years old when he began to reign” 2 Kings 11:21

Seven! That is crazy. For any parents out there of kids about that age could you imagine your child ruling over a nation? Many parents can’t even see their kids cleaning their rooms, much less cleaning up a nation of idolatry, but that is exactly what we have here. Joash brought calmness and peace to the nation and he worked to restore worship of God in the land.

In today’s world kids are sold short. We say things like, “They are just kids” or “They have short attention spans.” We underestimate and undersell our kids. If you look throughout the bible you will see many of the heroes of faith were just kids. People like David, Mary, Daniel, Esther, Jeremiah and, of course, Joash were all young when they did great things for God. Here is a link to some amazing things young kids are doing right now.


My challenge question to you today:

Why can’t your kid do that?

Why can’t your son or daughter be like Joash? Why can’t they do something great for God? It takes work and training. Joash had Jehoiada the priest to train him up. With your help and your guidance and example, your kids can do amazing things. Not just play sports or run and play, which aren’t bad, but they can do incredible things to make an eternal impact. We just need to fuel them and let them loose.

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Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

One thought on “October 23, 2014”

  1. I really appreciated this post today. I was baptized when I was seven, and I’ve often gotten discerning looks when telling others this part of my testimony. While I can’t say I was a model Christian from that moment on, I did understand the commitment I was making. We don’t give kids enough credit sometimes!

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