October 25, 2014

Today you should read: 2 Kings 14

In 2 Kings 14, we see two different kings, two different reigns over their kingdoms and two different deaths. We meet the first king, Amaziah who was Daniel Radcliffe’s age when becoming king and was described as doing right in the eyes of the Lord. However he ignored God when warning him to not seek conflict with fellow Israelites but did so anyways. Amaziah ended up suffering a violent death (v. 19-20) while the other king, Jehoash died a peaceful death after a peaceful reign with God’s people.

I can’t but help to think of my time in high school when hanging out with certain violent friends that didn’t know Jesus and how scary it got when things escalated. I’ve never been a violent person but grew up witnessing a lot of violence and conflict. If there’s one thing I know about it, it’s that if you live by the sword you will certainly die by the sword. This is not to say that violence at all times is unjust. Five books earlier (Judges) we see a God who calls his people to do tough things for his glory and holiness out of seriousness for sin and separation from it. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising when this king disobeys God by seeking conflict with God’s own people and suffers consequences for it. The thing we shouldn’t miss is that he was still described as doing right in God’s eyes. This shows that as Christians we can and will still disobey God and suffer lasting consequences for that disobedience.

• Amaziah ignored God’s command to live in peace with the Israelites, are you currently ignoring God’s instruction in a certain area?
• We sadly see how Amaziah’s conflict escalated to his own violent death, how is your sin escalating in its consequences?

Do you need to be reminded that Jesus’ death for our sin on the cross and His resurrection from the dead gives us the power to turn away from our sin and start over in righteousness? We don’t have to leave a legacy like Amaziah but Jehoash instead.

Posted by: Erik Koliser

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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