October 29, 2014

Today you should read: 2 Kings 17:1-23

“You shall not do this” 2 Kings 17:12

“Turn from your evil ways” 2 Kings 17:13

“Do not do as they do” 2 Kings 17:15

“So the Lord was very angry with Israel and removed them from His presence” 2Kings 17:18

It is the classic warning. You tell your kids, “Don’t touch the hot stove or you will get burned.” But, they just can’t help themselves. They just don’t listen and they reap the consequences of their actions.

God told Israel time and time again not to do as the nations around them did. Then, when they refused to listen he told them to turn from their evil ways. They still didn’t listen even though, from the beginning, God told them the consequences.

Today, for God’s people, we have the promise of the Holy Spirit remaining with us and not leaving us as He did the people in the Old Testament, but know this:

When we do as the world does and we refuse to turn from our evil ways God allows us to feel the weight of our consequences.

God tells us in his word that we reap what we sow. When we live a holy life pleasing to God we reap a peaceful, blessed life. When we “do as they do,” “they” being the world, we reap the consequences.

So, today, I want to leave you with a self-test question:

Which one do I look most like; a child of God or a person of this world?

Posted by: Robbie Byrd

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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