November 28, 2014

Today you should read: Isaiah 11

Following Jesus’ Example…

HOPE!  In light of previous sections on judgment, the Lord brings hope, here, by providing insight about the coming Messiah.  The chapter describes how Jesus will change everything!

Jesus, the “shoot from the stump of Jesse” will have the Spirit of the Lord upon Him and He will judge with righteousness! He will lead people to freedom!  This is hope in the midst of a very hard message.

Although there is much we can discuss about how Jesus came through the line of David, how He has transformed our hearts, and how He will continue to transform the world; I want to discuss one small point found in this chapter.

In this chapter we see characteristics of Jesus, and one of my favorites is found in verse 3.  About Jesus, it says, “His delight shall be in the fear of the Lord.”

Today’s “Walk-a-Way”

Usually in Scripture when we see the idea of “fearing the Lord,” it refers to reverence.  It is a deep understanding of who God is, being in awe, and therefore following His ways.  And in this particular instance, Jesus is said to have had a delight in this reverence.

Jesus had different delights, I’m sure.  He loved His family, His disciples, and other “normal things.”  But what this verse tells us is that His overall delight…His number one treasure…what He found the most joy in…was submitting to the Father and living for His will.  Now this is interesting, because Jesus was fully God as well as fully man.  But whatever way we slice this, Jesus’ greatest delight was in submitting to the Father’s will and in being in awe of Him.

This is an easy application for us.  We can ask ourselves, “Where is my greatest delight?”

What is your greatest treasure?  Do you find delight in obeying God and living for Him?  Sometimes this is hard to do.  If you find yourself not delighting in the things of God, take heart, we’re all there sometimes!  One of the greatest things you can do is pray and ask God to help you find joy in Him.  Beg Him to help you desire Him.  Ask Him to help everything else pale in comparison to Him.  He will answer those prayers.  Another thing you can do is spend more time in His Word.  As you see more of God and what He has done, you will delight in Him more.

As you become obsessed with Him and His will for your life, the more He will become better than gold in your eyes.

Let’s strive to follow Jesus’ example by striving for our delight to be in the fear of the Lord.

Posted by: Sam Cirrincione

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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