December 3, 2014

Today you should read: Isaiah 15

WOW! This may be the toughest JumpStart I’ve ever written. What’s it about and what is God saying to us through it?

What’s Isaiah 15 about?
When you first read Isaiah 15, all you see is gloom and doom for Moab. This is a prophecy about the great destruction coming on that county – Moab – that bordered the land of Israel. Since the beginning, Moab had been a burden to Israel. The Moabites were descendants of Lot, Abraham’s rebellious nephew. God spared Lot’s life in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19.

God is bringing the promised judgment in a big way. Cities will be destroyed, people will mourn, there will be terror, all the land will dry up, and verse 9 says that God will even send lions to hunt down any survivors. Harsh!

What can I learn from Isaiah 15?
God means what He says. Sometimes it seems like God isn’t acting on behalf of justice – but He always does – in His time.

Sin brings destruction. It’s a fact of life. When we choose to continue in sin, we sign the release for pain to come into our lives.

God takes care of His people. If you belong to His family – He protects and cares for His own in His way and in His time.

Posted by: Tim Parsons

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

2 thoughts on “December 3, 2014”

  1. Just a thought: it’s hard to protect a child that continues to persue the hot stove. Sometimes the end result of getting burned although really harsh is the only cure. We are a lot like this we keep persuing things of the world and once we get burned we learn quickly that it hurts. I am thankful for a loving and correcting Father who doesn’t leave me once I get burned. Thank you Tim for all that you do for Jesus! You are a blessing to our family!

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