December 5, 2014

Today you should read: Isaiah 17

“Then at last the people will look to their Creator and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel. They will no longer look to their idols for help or worship what their own hands have made.” Isaiah 17:7-8a

Isaiah had a cheerful ministry to God’s people. His job was to hand out messages of destruction and impending judgment to the nations, including God’s people. There were spots of hope for the future woven throughout but it was mainly a ministry of judgment. The sad thing is that all of this could have been avoided if God’s people would have heeded the many messengers God had sent their way. Moses told them, Joshua told them, and other prophets and messengers from the Lord all told the people to follow God and His laws. They were told not to turn from it to other nations and their idols but they just didn’t listen and now the punishment comes.

So we see punishment coming and Isaiah makes an interesting comment in today’s reading that I think we can glean a valuable lesson from. In the verse we opened with Isaiah basically says this for God’s people and for us:

Too many times God has to bring us pain and loss to get our attention

I know it is true in my life and I bet it is for you. We can often live life in autopilot at best and in our own strength at worst when life is good and things are smooth. It is harder to look to God and to rely on Him when things are good and all your needs are met. When we begin to slip into this mindset and we begin to believe that we are doing fine on our own we begin to open ourselves to pride and idol worship. It is such a common occurrence to see someone come to God and to the church for help prayer, and support when life is hard and times are tough. Then when it is all good they are no where to be found. Israel was like that and we are prone to that same temptation as well. So, as we think on today’s passage remember the words of warning from Jesus in Matthew and know that we will all be humbled. Either we do it or He does it but either way, it will happen.

“But those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” Matthew 23:12

Posted by: Robbie Byrd


Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

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