December 9, 2014

Today you should read: Isaiah 20

Prisoners only freed through Christ…

Isaiah has a hard job, doesn’t he? The Lord is speaking hard truth through Him! But even though this is serious stuff, it is laced with hope.

Our chapter recounts Isaiah walking naked and barefoot. Why? It was because the Lord wanted to use it as a picture. Isaiah depicted prisoners (barefoot and naked). God gave Isaiah a sermon illustration that tops them all…pretty clever J

Just as Hosea’s relationship with Gomer represented God’s relationship with His people, or just as Nathan’s story exposed David’s sin, so it was that this illustration represented a much larger truth; the Egyptians and Cushites would be slaves (to sin and to other nations).

But this chapter ends with a hint of hope for all nations and for all prisoners.

Today’s “Walk-a-Way”

At the end of this chapter Isaiah shows us that after being enslaved, Egypt and Cush, and many others, will be dismayed. And as he closes he exposes a question that asks, “how shall we escape?” And this eludes to something great.

At this point, God already had a plan. A plan to unify every nation. Every race, people group, and nation would be unified under Christ. He was going to draw all people to Himself. Prisoners and those who were free would be drawn back to the God who created them by the work Jesus would do on the cross. For all you Sunday schoolers, “Jesus” really is the answer to the question. That’s how they and we will escape.

Praise God for His plan to draw every nation back to Himself and for providing permanent freedom from our spiritual slavery. He satisfied His own wrath in order to buy back His people, who had become prisoners.

Let’s thank Jesus today, for providing our freedom.

Posted by: Sam Cirrincione


Author: Center Point Church

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