January 3, 2015

Today you should read: Isaiah 42

Let’s say I asked you to pick up my buddy from the airport and gave you a detailed description of what he looks like. I tell you that he will be coming off the flight from Youngstown, OH with a 3:30 arrival. He will be about 6’2 tall and will be wearing jeans, and a flannel with the top button unbuttoned allowing his chest hair to come out for air. His hairline is receding but he’s trying to hold onto it’s glory days so now it looks like a blonde haired semi mullet with all of the business up front with a party in the back. Now I forgot to give you his name so you won’t be able to call it out to every person coming off the flight (which would be kind of weird anyways) but would expect you to know who he was. Why? Because of the foretold description that I just gave you. You’d have to blind, stupid or both to miss him. In the same way, Scripture has given us a detailed description of what the Savior of the world would look like through it’s messianic prophecies. Today’s devotion starts the Servant Prophecies in Isaiah describing Jesus as that suffering servant. They get more detailed as the book goes on but it’s awesome reading this chapter seeing how around 1,000 years before Jesus came, we have a detailed description of Him and His purpose for us. God used these prophecies to help draw me to Him as I studied them as a middle schooler before becoming a Christian in High School. It’s hard to deny Jesus as this messiah and when presented to most people, they choose to hold onto their sin instead of looking at this undeniable truth. We believe in Jesus through faith but it’s a faith rooted in a cornerstone of fulfilled prophecies. In fact, it would take more faith to believe it was just a coincidence that Jesus fulfilled the Bible’s description of the upcoming Messiah.

Being affirmed of our faith in Jesus through these encouraging prophecies, who can you share Jesus with using this as a resource when evangelizing?

How can you grow deeper in your faith knowing that Jesus did exactly what His Father said He was going to do and how is that true in your life today?

Posted by: Erik Koliser

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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