February 21, 2015

Today you should read: 1 Chronicles 10

Today we read about the final consequences from Saul’s disobedience. Saul was the Israelites first king and his story can be found in 1 Samuel. Saul was a lousy, jealous, paranoid king who made stupid decisions regarding marriage, war and leading God’s people back into idolatry. While 1 Samuel spends several chapters on the rise and fall of king Saul, 1 Chronicles spends 1 chapter, his death. Saul suffered many consequences for his sins, but none greater then his death, which is the ultimate consequence for our sin. So what can we learn from Saul’s tragic ending in this short chapter? There’s a lot of things we can learn from today’s Scripture. How Jesus is the conqueror of that ultimate consequence through the resurrection. How David was blessed for his obedience to God unlike Saul’s disobedience and death. However there are 2 verses that stuck out to me in this chapter that reveals something that I’ve been very convicted of as of lately and that lesson is this:

As Christians, we shouldn’t celebrate one-time heroes of the faith, now fallen.

Anyone who grows up reading the OT story of David will not look at Saul as a hero. If anything, he’s the villain. He’s the one who is constantly trying to kill our true OT hero and never lives up as Israel’s first king. This may be true but at one time he was looked upon as their hero. Yes, Samuel warned Israel that if they get an earthly king that this king would lead them to ruin but God still allowed it and “anointed” Saul as their first king through his prophets. In fact, after Saul became king, he led God’s people to victories amongst others that Israel and the prophets rejoiced in. It wasn’t until he disobeyed the prophet, Samuel in 1 Samuel 13 where it all started going downhill and it ends with God’s people a mess and Saul’s head in an idol’s temple after his suicide. You’d think this would be something the Israelites would celebrate. Good riddance, Saul can’t lead us into idolatry anymore. No more Jezebel. Finally, a “true” king (david) is here. Instead it says in v. 11-12 that the valiant men took Saul and his guards remains, buried them and fasted for seven days. They didn’t celebrate this fallen king but instead honored him with a proper burial and mourned for him. What an anomaly to what we do to fallen pastors and Christians today. We don’t need to sweep a Christian’s sin under a rug or cover it up but we certainly don’t need to rejoice and celebrate a person’s demise. Like the valiant men and even David in 2 Chronicles, we should honor the good God did through them and mourn the consequences but let’s not forget that we are prone to sin and demise as well. In fact, the next king had an affair and tried to cover it up through murder and although he repented, we see that there’s really only one hero of the faith and that’s Jesus. All others, including ourselves will mess up, hopefully repent and be reminded that we are in desperate need of God’s grace.

Posted by: Erik Koliser

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “February 21, 2015”

  1. Thanks Erik for your comments that had me reflect on my own disobedience to the Lord over the years and what it has cost me . But the worst thing is the closeness to God which is gone until we repent and surrender to His Will and can truly hear his voice again . My saying is ” when I live close to the Lord I make the right choices , and when I am not close I make the wrong ones .” One is far better than the other .

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