February 24, 2015

Today you should read: 1 Chronicles 12

In our passage today we get a look at a pivotal time in Israel’s history. Saul was Israel’s current king but he disobeyed God and God anointed a new king-to-be in David. Of course, Saul did not humbly accept God’s decision to anoint a new king. Instead, Saul was out to kill David and stop him from taking over the throne. David found himself running and taking refuge in various places to elude Saul’s threat. Our passage today is speaking of the time when David took refuge in Ziklag for 16 months under the protection of the Philistine king Achish.

To say that David’s life was complicated is an understatement. He was anointed future king of Israel as a boy and then is sent to serve as a harp player for the very king that he is to take over for (1 Samuel 16). Then he kills Goliath the champion of the Philistine army with a sling shot and a stone and becomes the hero of Israel (1 Samuel 17). However, David’s growing popularity made Saul jealous and eventually he turns on David (1 Samuel 18). David spends the next few years of his life eluding Saul. Ironically, David ends up taking refuge with the Philistines which started David’s fame to begin with through his victory over Goliath. There is much more to say about David’s story during this time period but you get the picture.
So why take a whole chapter recalling the men of war from the different tribes of Israel who joined with David during this time?

1. It represented God’s support for David.

God moved the heart of men to join with David. Just in their words to David you see their understanding that God is with David (v.18).

2. It was time for David to take over.

Today’s passage shows us the building of David’s army. It took place right before Saul was killed in battle. God prepared David and equipped him to do the job.

Today’s passage teaches us two things about how our God works.

1. What God says goes.

Saul did not want David to take his place even though God ordained it. Instead of submitting to God’s plan Saul fought against it and it cost him everything. We can trust that if God has ordained it then it will happen.

2. The path is not always pretty

God did ordain David as king at a young age but the path to get there was difficult. If God calls us to go and do something then we can know that it will happen. However, we must understand that how God brings it about and prepares us for what he has for us may not be pretty and easy. God often needs to develop us so that we will be ready for the task at hand.

Posted by: Chad Wiles

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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