February 27, 2015

Today you should read: 1 Chronicles 15 

Reverence and Passion…

Those are the two things David exhibits for the ark of the Lord, which symbolized God’s presence among the people. When David thought of God he had these two things in mind.

1. Reverence

When you read verses 1-15 you see someone who holds God in the highest regard. This was someone who wanted to make sure they did everything right, according to God’s laws and ways. There was no room for half-hearted efforts or cutting corners. In fact they had done that before as you see in verse 13 and you see the result was God’s anger against them. God was serious about following His ways and David knew it. 

Today reverence has taken one of two major turns. Either it has become the focus and it has brought about stagnate legalism and empty liturgy or it has been completely negated and whatever will be will be. Neither one of these positions is correct nor do they truly honor God. You must have…

2. Passion

David showed a great passion to go along with his reverence. In the remainder of the chapter David lines up music and musicians to play songs of praise to the Lord as the ark is being moved and He dances and skips around in excitement and joy that the presence of God was about to move into the city. Once David knew how God wanted the ark to be handled he had freedom to worship God with incredible passion. 

That is the goal of today’s more charismatic and amed-up churches and movements. They seek a more authentic and exciting feeling in their worship. There are two key things that are missing from that however. First, God is a God of guided freedom. He is this way in all that He does. From our perspective we tend to view any rules or guidelines as bonds that hold us back from true freedom. God sees these as a parent would. We tell our kids to play in the yard but to stay out of the road. We don’t do this to restrict their freedom we do it because we know that the safety of the yard provides true freedom while playing in the street seems free but in reality brings with it a plethora of dangers. The second thing missing here is that our worship is not based on an emotional experience we receive from our senses and our imagination. True worship is a beautiful acknowledgement of the truths of God. When we worship God in His true form, a holy, just awesome, righteous, forgiving, loving merciful father and creator and our worship is based on these things and not on the aesthetics or the mood of the moment we then experience the kind of worship David did as the ark traveled to Jerusalem. 

So remember, as in nearly everything in this life, a balance is to be struck to truly worship God as we should. Reverence and Passion. 

Posted by: Robbie Byrd

Author: cpclexington

Lexington & Richmond KY

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