April 21, 2015

Today you should read: Ezekiel 16

I encourage you to read this entire long chapter. The following seven verses are kind of the cliff notes summary of it. I think you will also see a picture of the gospel in our lives from these verses.

Vs. 2 Born helpless
God reminded the Israelites that they were once a nation that was helpless and on their own. He compares them to babies being born. A newborn is helpless and are in need of great help to live. We also are born in a helpless state with no way to live spiritually unless Someone provides rescue for us in order to give us life.

Vs. 6: Live
God reminded the Israelites that it was He who gave them life. He came to them in their helpless state and told them to live. They didn’t nourish themselves or do anything to help them to receive life. God gave it to them. In our helpless state, He comes offers us life. We do nothing to deserve it.

Vs. 8: Become mine
God reminded the Israelites that He made them His own. He washed them clean and made a covenant with them. Similarly, through Christ, He washes us clean and makes us His very own. He becomes our Lord.

Vs. 15: Played the harlot
The Israelites messed up big time. They played the harlot by going against God’s commands for them as a nation. Though God provided their rescue and blessed them, they continuously fell very short of His glory. As His followers, we do not sprout wings and get a halo the moment we trust in Jesus. We will still fall short and sin. Our position before Him is righteous, but our condition on earth is that we still sin.

Vs. 38: Judgment
Because of their great sin, there will be discipline. God was very straightforward about what was coming to them for their sin. He would bring forth discipline because He loved His people. Similarly, when we fall short, there are consequences. Our eternal destiny is secure, but there are earthly consequences to sin and God will use this discipline to draw His people to Himself and make us more like Him.

Vs. 60: He keeps His covenant
God assured the Israelites that He will still keep His covenant. They were His people and He had a plan that would not be thwarted. Though we still sin and mess things up in a bad way, God remembers His covenant that He has made with us. Because of Christ’s “once and for all” sacrifice for us, God looks at His people and sees the perfection of Jesus. That covenant has been established and lasts forever.

Vs. 63: Sanctification
God said He would bring judgment upon the Israelites so they would remember what they had done and not do it anymore. God will allow us to experience discipline in order to make us more like Christ. As we grow and learn from our mistakes and experience His grace, we will continue to become more like Christ.


Posted by: Rich Duffield

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

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