August 21, 2015

Today you should read: Leviticus 8

I hope your Friday is going well, Center Point family! There is a great resource you can get for free called the “Faithlife Study Bible”, and it might be a nice addition to your tool belt of Bible aids. There is a free app as well as the online version: The reason why I threw it on your radar is because it has served as a big encouragement to me since we’ve started Leviticus here at Jumpstart. Leviticus can be a challenging book, and many Christians skip over it or zoom past it, but the study notes in Faithlife have given it some fresh life (for me at least). Another great resource is for those of you looking for something a bit deeper.

Enough commercials.

Consecrated and commissioned. That’s what we find in Leviticus 8. The priests were officially “sworn in” and given clear instructions as to their roles in worship and leadership. Here’s a good note on this to distinguish what is taking place and how it differentiates between what we’ve already read and what we will read after this section:

Chapters 8–9 include a detailed description of the initiation of formal worship in ancient Israel. The passage focuses on the role of the priesthood. Rather than list the rules for worship (chaps. 1–7), chaps. 8–9 describe ritual events, including the ordination of the priesthood (Exod 29). Chapter 8 overlaps considerably with the last few chapters of Exodus. Verses 6–36 details the consecration of the brazen altar and the tabernacle as a whole, along with the ordination of the priesthood, over the course of seven days. (

One thing that always sticks out to me when I read the Pentateuch (first 5 books of the Bible) is the repetition of phrase “just as the Lord commanded”, typically ascribed to Moses. It’s a reminder to me of two very important and specific things:

1. These are God’s commands, not manmade ideas. The orders being carried out were not simply Moses or Aaron’s orders. They were taking instruction from the Lord, and He was very specific about how he wanted to be worshiped (and still is!). He is a God of order. This is much different than Babel.

2. This is awe-striking obedience. Have you ever read through these commands and thought to yourself, “I don’t have it in me.”? That’s what hits me every time. It gets so specific and seems so difficult. Moses rarely wavered. He obeyed over and over and over again. I want that kind of obedience.

Final thing that I thought was neat in this chapter: the various anointings. I believe that these are present early on in scripture as foreshadowing to Jesus as well as our own anointing in God’s Spirit. Here is how the renowned Bible commentator Matthew Henry put it: “The anointing of Aaron was to typify the anointing of Christ with the Spirit, which was not given by measure to him. All believers have received the anointing.”

What did God teach you today? Are you living as if you are both commissioned and consecrated? If not, what needs to change? What do you need to repent of? Why not today, and why settle for anything else?

Posted by: Todd Thomas

Author: Center Point Church

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