August 26, 2015

Today you should read: Leviticus 12

At first I thought it was quite interesting that God would ordain that I write the jumpstart for this chapter. I’m a married man, but God hasn’t blessed us yet with the beautiful gift of having a child and all that the process involves. I had to do some research here.

Much of this chapter is spent teaching the people about cleanliness of people. Some of the previous chapters have been instructions regarding food, possessions, and actions which were impure and thus deemed unfit for God’s chosen people. But here, God gives commands concerning our own state of being clean or unclean. Historically, God’s law pronounces a woman, after giving birth, unclean, that is, for a certain amount of time, the reasons for which can be studied further in biology. In this chapter, it’s stated that a woman is unclean for more than 33 days after giving birth to a male, and if the child is female, the time of uncleanness is somewhere around 66 days. The reason for the prolonged uncleanness in the case of a female child is unknown for certain, but some believe it could have to do with the fact that a female child will grow up and similarly have opportunity to bear children and thus be unclean as well. Later, after the time of her purifying had past, the mother was instructed to bring an approved sacrifice to the Lord, and because of that sacrifice, she would be restored to God and her people.

Despite the way our present culture views motherhood, birth, and other things of this sort, I believe we can apply some of the truth found here to today. The Bible teaches us that we are sinners by nature, condemned simply because we are imperfect humans, (Romans 5:12). We are unclean, no matter how morally or “clean” we try to live. The Bible also says that no good or clean fruit can come from an unclean tree, (Matthew 7:18). Since our parents are sinners, we too are natural born sinners, and “children of wrath,” (Ephesians 2). Only a pure sacrifice, and ultimately Jesus’ own blood can atone for this mother, her child, and us as well.

As I studied this chapter, I looked intently to allow God to speak to me through it. I believe God often uses his law, no matter how strange it may seem to us now, to point us to the reality that we all are bound to fall short. We desperately need Him. I don’t have experience in bearing children, but I do have experience in being deemed unclean. My record condemns me. My sins are stacked against me. But thank God He made a way! I must put my faith in Jesus and let his sacrifice count for me and I will be made clean.

Posted by: Taylor Gilliam

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

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