October 13, 2015

Today you should read: Revelation 3:7-13

As you’ve probably noticed, Jesus didn’t always have the greatest of words for the seven churches in revelation. Ephesus, you’ve lost your first love. Repent or your church will be removed from its place. Pergamos, I have found idolatry and sexual immorality amongst you. Repent or I will fight against you with the sword of my mouth. Thyatira, I compare you to Jezebel (that’s pretty bad). Sardis, You may look alive but you’re really dead. Jesus straight up called the last church a zombie church. As I said, not the most encouraging of words for these churches who started losing their way.

However that’s not the case for the church of Philadephia. This church of brotherly love (get it? Church of brotherly love?) was told that they may not have much power and strength but they have the spirit of perseverance in them and will be rewarded greatly for their endurance in the midst of persecution.

How encouraging is this for today’s church in America? I know a lot of Christians who are discouraged with people’s perception of Christianity and it’s perceived loss of power in politics and culture. However Jesus tells us, like the church of Philadelphia to persevere in such a spiritual climate. We need to hold fast to what we have, which is the Gospel. A message that is unbreakable and imperishable to those who are perishing. Let’s remember church, that we are not perishing with them no matter how tough it may seem to live out our Christian beliefs or how hard it may seem to share the Gospel with others. Jesus tells the church of Philadelphia that their faith is in the One, True, All-Powerful, Eternal and Holy God who holds all authority. We are unstoppable in His will and many times His kingdom advances under the heaviest of persecution.

Center Point, let’s strive to be a church that perseveres no matter what to hear the encouraging words He used for Philly in today’s scripture.

Posted by: Erik Koliser

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

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