November 13, 2015

Today you should read: Revelation 19:11-21

Recently someone I love deeply began dabbling in Satanism, something she believed to be harmless, or at least, not that big of a deal. She had for many years been out of church, and without any spiritual direction. That, mixed with being a teenager in this twisted time of plurality of truths, she was horribly misled. It was a densely dark time for my family and me. My sister had developed a habit of self-harm, which, unfortunately, was what it took for us to see that something so much worse was happening within. My family is filled with professing Christians, yet many of them do not know the infinite joy and all-surpassing pleasure of consistently walking with Jesus. Humbly, I submit that God has taught me to live this way, with Him as my Treasure, though I’m filled with things that would disqualify me apart from his grace.

When I discovered my sister was struggling in this way, it pretty much wrecked me; I truly couldn’t imagine anything worse. She blocked out my mom and me entirely, refusing to open up. She had become a shell of a person, without any light or hope. I could truly feel the war the enemy was waging against her. I remember having no clue what to do, still I went to her with a trembling boldness and said what God had laid on my heart. It went something like this: “Sister, I don’t know if you realize what is happening, but there is a real enemy. He has come to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan IS real and wants to bury you. But something else you need to know: my God is the one true God. He is the Lord of all, even those who don’t know it. He is going to win this war. One day hopefully not too far from now, that enemy, Satan, will be done away with once and for all. He is already conquered. He has no real power over you. God loves you and wants to restore you to real life in Jesus. And one more thing, God has given you a brother who is going to pray for you every single day and fight for your soul as long as it takes.”

I began praying every day faithfully for my sister, that God would spare her life, and that ultimately, my entire family would be redeemed through this deep darkness and transferred to the light and hope the Gospel, through Christ, provides. Things began to be stirred up in their hearts. After a couple of hospitalizations and several tear-filled phone conversations, my mom hit her knees and said, “I’m taking my family back to Jesus.” Long story sort-of-short, I believe God was hearing my prayers. This was this past December, and today, my sister is alive and says she has given her life to Jesus. Furthermore, my mom is learning to be consistent in her own walk with Jesus. Glory to God!

I know this has been a more personal-narrative style Jumpstart, but here’s my point. During this, maybe the darkest time in my life, I knew I had a hope that could not fail. My Jesus is the Victor over all death and darkness. Satan is already a defeated foe. It’s what gave me hope then and what sustains my faith now. I am in his hands. My sister and mom are likewise. He is a good, good God. He reigns now and forever. One day he will return bringing justice and deliverance to the oppressed and weary by sending the enemy to the lake of fire forever (v. 20). I rejoice in this.

Posted by: Taylor Gilliam

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

4 thoughts on “November 13, 2015”

  1. Taylor, many of us have been in the same place and God proves his faithfulness and his power when we cry out to him and beg him for that restoration! Praise GOD for the change in your precious sister and mom. It is a joy to see them at West and know they are walking in HIS light daily!! I know I quote this verse often, but I believe it with all my heart, “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” James 5:16. SO true!! I praise him for answered prayer and for teaching us how closely we need to walk with him…..and the way he changes us through it!

  2. God bless you Taylor for being a prayer warrior for your family. Today’s scripture reminded me of an old hymn we sang at the little church I grew up in: Let Others See Jesus in You

    Let others see Jesus in you,
    Let others see Jesus in you.
    Keep telling the story, be faithful and true;
    Let others see Jesus in you.

    v. 11 Then I saw heaven opened, and a white horse was standing there. Its rider was named Faithful & True, for he judges fairly and wages a righteous war.

    Thank you God for our salvation through the blood of Jesus, who is Faithful & True!

  3. Taylor, I am so proud of the man you have grown up to be. When you were a very small child there was definitely an anointing on your life. Your singing was anointed and it was very clear to me that God had a big future in store for you. I am just so sorry that Sam didn’t experience it like you have but God had used her for w hat she was intended and it was time to go home. I will be praying for you and your family and I hope you will continue to let God use you to restore y our family.

    1. Sammie Johnson, we love you and your family so much. So thankful for the time my kids got to have Sam in their lives. To the Peppers, we will never forget how you prayed diligently for us 🙂

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