January 8, 2016

Today you should read: Genesis 5

Ever look at these genealogies and wonder why they’re in the Bible? I often do. Some, you can make sense of (like today’s: Adam to Noah, or in Matthew 1: Abraham to Jesus). Others can feel like “filler space” in the Bible, but we can trust that God has a purpose for them.

Every single time I come across a list of names in the Bible, whether it be a genealogy or something else, I remind myself of one thing I know to be true: every person matters. God has put us on this planet for a reason. We were created in His image (v.1-2), unique and intelligent, different from the rest of creation. This affects everything about us, as well as what we believe about life and the dignity of every human being. And it comes with great responsibility.

With the breath in our lungs, we can pour out praise to our Creator or we can choose to live for ourselves.

This can be illustrated quite well with some of the names in ch. 5. Noah (ch. 9) gets drunk right after doing God’s work, and Ham (ch. 9) dishonored his father and was cursed because of it. Contrast that to what we read about Enoch:

When Enoch was 65 years old, he became the father of Methuselah. After the birth of Methuselah, Enoch lived in close fellowship with God for another 300 years, and he had other sons and daughters. Enoch lived 365 years, walking in close fellowship with God. Then one day he disappeared, because God took him. Genesis 5:22-24

What an example! May it be said of you and me too! This guy had an unwavering commitment to the Lord, and it was so strong that God took Him directly to be with Him. Very few people in the Bible had the same experience. Actually, just Elijah (2 Kings 2).

Here’s something for us to consider today: Can my walk with God be described like Enoch’s relationship with Him? Why or why not? Does something need an adjustment (habit, attitude, relationship, etc.)? 

Final thought…  Methuselah was one old dude.

By: Todd Thomas

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

24 thoughts on “January 8, 2016”

  1. I have fully enjoyed this week in jumpstart, the more I read the word, commentary, and your comments. It has gotten me to search my heart and dig deep in Gods word and my relationship with my Father. Thanks CPC.

  2. Edward Griffin records a message ( found in http://www.gracegems.org/B/Griffin_enoch.htm) that describes what it might have meant to “walk with God.”

    Some devotional thought from him:
    1. When two friends thus walk together their communion is secret….The world wonders what the Christian finds to employ himself about when alone. They wonder what supports him under trials, and renders his countenance cheerful when he has reason to be sad. Let them know then that he draws his comforts from another world; that he lives far away from this, where the changes and trials of the present state do not reach him. As well might they wonder where Abraham and David derive their present joys, while clouds are darkening the world below.

    2. When two friends thus walk together, their conversation is kind and sweet.
    3. When two friends thus walk together their wills and governing feelings are the same.

    1. All three of his points are great. I like the final one: wills and governing feelings are the same”. Reminds me of what a Matthew 6:33 mindset might biblically look like (a reversal of the prosperity gospel mindset).

  3. It is so easy to skim through the lists of names! I’ve been guilty. Once my attitude towards Gods word was adjusted its easier to see each name as a life/person. I’m no Enoch but I’m trying to make changes.

    Yes, Methuselah was one old dude!!

  4. Methuselah missed by a mere 31 years being the only “Millennium Man” in human history! Yes indeed Todd, one old dude!

  5. Haha Todd!
    I want to be like Enoch. All those other guys had to live so long under the curse and he got off with a mere 300 years….
    On the other hand, it must’ve been some kind of adolescence for them to start having babies at 65 and 100….. I wonder if any of these guys ever groused about the grown kid still living in the basement? 😉

  6. I too desire to be like Enoch. It’s not easy but so worth it!

    I also find it interesting that Noah was a son of Lamech. Lamech, like we read yesterday, didn’t seem to walk with God. But Noah does. So someone in his family taught him about God and how to walk with Him.

    Final thought: can you imagine living as long as these men did?!?!

    1. I can’t even comprehend it, though my best guess is that pre-flood earth made it a lot easier than what we might think. I don’t think they were ready to kick the bucket at 80. Maybe their adolescence and early adulthood periods were much greater. I’ll post a link to a helpful resource to Carlyn’s question that helped me think through this.

  7. I always get confused with the names and my memory does not hold for a lot of them so lineage is a struggle for me. It is so easy to skip down but I appreciate the commentary yesterday and the discussions of lineage and today’s.
    I often have given up at this point because I get frustrated and think if I were a better Christian I would know who these people are and their lineage and since I don’t it becomes a block for me.

    1. There are a lot of lists, laws, and other things that seem menial throughout the pages of scripture. Don’t let them hang you up too much. Find a good resource (study bible, commentary, sermon archive) and use it when you get to those. You are among friends when it comes to the occasional frustration with those passages/chapters.

  8. To have a relationship with God like Enoch did reminds me of the old hymn “In the Garden”
    And He walks with me
    And He talks with me
    And He tells me I am His Own
    And the joy We share as We tarry there none other has ever known
    I am no Enoch for sure but I strive to have a closer relationship with God every day
    Very good talk today Todd Thank you.

  9. Wow, I never thought of the of the genealogy in the scripture his way. As I have always skimmed over it. What a great way to point out that every person matters. Awesome metaphor for truth!

  10. I have always been fascinated by these genealogies and finally took some time today to map this one out and do some math out of curiousity.

    These guys lived a long time, but consider these amazing facts:
    1. Most of these guys spent over 800 years on Earth with their dads (Methuselah got shorted).
    2. Most spent 600-800 years on Earth with their Grandfather.
    3. There was a 56 year time period where Methusaleh was on Earth while Adam was still alive! That is 8 generations of men alive on Earth at one time. Talk about father figures. Methusaleh probably sat down with Adam one day and said “Great-great-great-great-great (5 total) Grandpa Adam, what was the Garden of Eden like?”

    Wow! Hope my math is all correct here. Pretty cool stuff. Have a great day, everyone.

    1. I tried to total it up myself and I think Adam was alive for the birth of Lamech too! Pretty cool to think about.

      It’s also interesting that they all lived at the same time but all died before the Flood where Noah passed their lineage on.

    2. I definitely wish I could be a fly on the wall for some of the conversations Adam had to have with his kin. “So tell us about the Garden,” like you mentioned, would be a good one that he fielded often. But could you imagine the heartache in explaining the origin of sin? I think Adam must have lived a sobering life.

  11. Two comments/questions…
    1) Why doesn’t every human live this many years “in this day and age”?
    2) I guess if you lived this many years, 65 or whenever they had their other kids seemed like when they were young? Why is the cap ~40 these days?

    1. Carlyn, and all wanting an answer to these questions, I should have posted a few resources to make sense of what can be a really complicated issue.

      1) Why did they live so long?
      • Answers in Genesis / Christian Apologetics Research Ministry both have good responses. AIG talks about pre-flood earth being a key component. Their charts made this easier to understand: https://answersingenesis.org/bible-timeline/genealogy/did-adam-and-noah-really-live-over-900-years/
      CARM makes a statement in their brief response that is also helpful: “they were so close to the original genetic line of Adam and Eve that their health was exceedingly great and so they could live this long.” Article here: https://carm.org/questions/other-questions/did-they-really-live-long-genesis

      2) Why do we have kids ~40 these days? Directly correlated to question 1, IMHO. See my reply to Courtney above.

      Hope that helps!

  12. It’s so hard to imagine a relationship so close to God that He brings you straight from earth to heaven. Pleasing God to the point that He just transports you to heaven. Enoch and Elijah are the only recorded recipients of this honor! Wow!! They must have been special!
    As I think about this I have to wonder if this was the intended norm for mankind. Death wasn’t part of the original plan. We were created for an everlasting love relationship with God. He intended an intimate relationship. He wanted us WITH Him…the Garden of Eden was a place to commune with God. Where mankind could live in peace and harmony with The Creator of it all.
    He wanted us to love Him back, He wanted us to choose Him just as He chose us…thus the necessity of giving us the freedom to choose. Our hearts were made for Him and yet from the time of Eden until this very day…we choose to fill His designated spot with everything but Him, all sorts of vices. Choices that royally messed up THE plan.
    THANK God for His redeeming character….He provided The Way so that our relationship and intimacy could be restored. It still requires a choice from us, we can still refuse His offer. But He continues to pursue us and invite us into relationship. Being the same yesterday, today and forever, He is still in the transport business and I believe a day is drawing near when those who truly please God will be transported from this world into His Presence without seeing death. Won’t that be a cool day in HIStory?

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