January 12, 2016

Today you should read: Genesis 8

God Remembered Noah & Noah Remembered God

It still gets me! A familiar story to all, I’m sure.  But, regardless of how many times I read it, this story still captivates me. God, and His hatred of sin.  Noah, and his trust in God.  It’s quite a story.

Perhaps one of the greatest things we see here is that God is truly committed to His children.  In verse 1 of our passage it says, “But God remembered Noah…”  Now, we know that God doesn’t accidentally “forget” anything.  So, when it tells us that God remembered Noah, it means that God was committed to Noah and that God was about to act on Noah’s behalf.  And that’s just what he did, by sending the wind to dry the land.  What a faithful God!  

We also see Noah respond properly to God by “remembering” God.  After God flooded the earth, God brought Noah and his family safely to dry ground, and Noah’s first response was worship!  He built an alter and made a sacrifice to the Lord.  

Today’s “Walk-a-Way”

Just as we can be confident of God’s commitment to Noah, so we can be confident in God’s commitment to us.  No matter what we are walking through, God will “remember” us.  He will act on our behalf.  We must trust Him.  If He has already acted on our behalf through sending His Son while we were His enemies, how much more will He act on our behalf now that we are His children.

When we notice that God is acting on our behalf, and we see His commitment to us, let’s respond like Noah did, in worship.

Here is a question we can ask ourselves, today:

How have I observed God’s commitment to me in the past year?

How do I need to respond in worship towards Him?

By: Sam Cirrincione

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

12 thoughts on “January 12, 2016”

  1. I had never noticed befor that the ark was covered, and it’s implied that’s Noah could not see outside until that cover was removed. I have to wonder what Noah’s family talked about and what th atmosphere was like… spending an entire year inside the ark without being able to see what was going on outside. Talk about faith!

    1. I think that Noah’s family had a lot of work to do. Taking care of all the animals, feeding them and cleaning up after them takes a lot of time.

    2. Hmmm…good point John. The only modern day parallel we could relate it to would be naval submarine service. A full deployment now last roughly over six months underwater, but those are with our modern “creature comforts.” I served in the Navy for four years, and I remember the stress and strain of overseas deployment for a full 60 days max on a conventional Frigate ship, and never touching land in those 60 or so odd days. That was very stressful in of itself.

      But your right, Noah and his family would have also had immense strain and stress I’m sure to keep everything moving along.

  2. ” …as the stag pursued by the hounds quickens its flight by reason of the baying of the dogs, as the clamor grows louder, and louder, see how the stag leaps from crag to crag, dashes through the stream, flies over yonder hill, is lost in yonder brake, and anon springs through the valley; so the Christian flies to his dear God for safety, when the hounds of hell, and the dogs of temptation are let loose against him. Eagerness! Where indeed shall the like be found? O convinced sinner, what should your eagerness be if thus the righteous pant for God?” – Charles Spurgeon

    “As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God?” – Psalm 42:1-2

  3. “If He has already acted on our behalf through sending His Son while we were His enemies, how much more will He act on our behalf now that we are His children.” <<<< Wow!! Awesome thoughts this morning, Sam! Thanks for Jumpstart!

  4. Great thoughts everyone! God really showed me this morning in the passage that when we follow His call, even when it’s hard, we can trust Him to “remember” to see us through.

  5. The flood recedes is what stuck out to me today. Even though God’s wrath over mankind’s sin was devastating with all the death and disaster that the flood caused, God saw fit to give man kind another chance. I am thankful for another chance at life after I have failed and fallen short. God cares about us and wants us to listen and follow Him. Some of us take His instructions quicker than others. The one thing that continually helps me is following through with daily time with God in His Word and prayer. Once His Word starts sinking in our minds we begin to see the big picture and less about selfish ambitions. Have a great day CPC! Thanks Sam for your dedication to God!

  6. God has most definitely remembered us. Jamison was given to us…he’s the baby we thought we may never get to have. That was enough, but God decided to amaze us even more when I was able to quit my job, and now only work two days a week. It’s something I thought would never be possible, but God graciously decided to show me otherwise. Lots of prayer, ugly cries and asking God to make a way where I thought there was no way…He sad yes to two deep desires of my heart. I still think…who am I that God is mindful of me. So, so thankful.

  7. It took.so.long. between “God remembered” and “the earth was dry.” Must’ve felt like the longest wait ever until God finally told them to turn loose the animals. I’m trying to imagine what that was like, if some animals turned back to nuzzle a bit before bounding off, or if it was all over at once and Noah was so grateful *that* was done, he couldn’t help but be about the business of thanking God…. So amazing.

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