February 10, 2016

Today you should read: Genesis 29:1-20

God Is Sovereign Over Your Situation

A summary of what we see in these verses involves:

  1. The last leg of Jacob’s journey,
  2. God’s sovereignty in directing Jacob, &
  3. The deep love that Jacob had for Rachel that made waiting for her seem like a privilege.  

Today’s “Walk-a-Way”:

For today’s application I want us to see & more deeply trust in


Mostly, I think it’s amazing that Jacob ended up where he did.  Was it a coincidence that Jacob’s journey led him directly to a place where the shepherds knew Laban and Rachel?  Was it luck that Rachel came approaching while Jacob was still there?  I don’t think so. God knew what He was doing.

We see two main sovereign acts of God in our verses:

The Right Time

Jacob didn’t arrive any earlier or any later than God’s perfect timing. When we are growing impatient with a situation in our lives, we can remember God is sovereign and His timing is perfect.

The Right People

The shepherds at the well were ordained by God to be there and to point Jacob in the right direction, and specifically to Rachel. The people God places in our lives are not there by accident. God has placed them there. God places people in our lives to direct us in His plans.  

In closing, God directed Jacob with the right people at the right time.  This showed that God’s hand was on Jacob’s life, just as it was promised in Genesis 28:15.  God kept His promise to Jacob.  Remember, in Genesis 28:20-22 Jacob made a vow that the Lord would be his God.  Jacob gave the reigns of his life over to God, and God remained faithful by directing Jacob’s future.  

Here are a couple questions to ponder, today:

Who has God placed in your life to point you in the right direction?  What are they telling you?

By: Sam Cirrincione

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

4 thoughts on “February 10, 2016”

  1. It’s interesting the sense of urgency within Laban’s family when they receive a visit from Abrahams’s family. Laban ran to meet Abraham’s servant and he ran again to meet Jacob. It reminds me of instances in the New Testament when people run to meet Jesus, knowing the good news they are about to receive. I wonder if there is a parallel there.. that we should be urgent about the things of Christ.

  2. You’ll have to ask Jonathan H. what it means exactly, but I’m writing you from the “motherland” today. Jonathan and a couple other friends remind me of God’s working and guiding hand in my day-to-day work activities. Sometimes it is a phone call, a text exchange, or email — through the grace of God my countenance is lifted, the “pickle” of the day becomes more clear. Though the burden of the Christain life is obviously heavy on many an occasion, a friend’s good word makes the walk better in countless ways.

    I will pray for and give thanks for my Connect Group’s many friends today.

    “Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel. Do not forsake your friend and your father’s friend, and do not go to your brother’s house in the day of your calamity. Better is a neighbor who is near than a brother who is far away.” – Proverbs 27:9-10

    Thank you for Jumpstart today!

  3. Being human, I find myelf trying desperately to give the reigns to God. To trust him in a ‘foreign’ land, to wait patiently for his direction and provisions, as often I as find myself weeping with sorrow in my own failings I still am willing to let go, to trust in my Father. His grace is new every morning Over and over the word points out how at exactly the right time, exactly the right place, exactly the right provision..is aways there. I was so anxious tonight in putting the cart before the horse with fear of the future. Praise God for yet another word of encouragement to continue on.

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