February 19, 2016

Today you should read: Genesis 35

Do you long to be blessed by God?

This is a really great moment for Jacob. The chapter starts with him building an altar to the Lord. If you remember reading chapter 28 a few days ago, you recall that he put up a pillar there in Bethel. Time had passed, and now something more permanent would be installed. Why is this a great moment for Jacob? This commentary helped tie it together for me:

Jacob had only set up a pillar at Bethel when God appeared to him (28:18). By returning to Bethel and building an altar there, Jacob acknowledges that God has been faithful to him (see 28:20–22). (ESV Study Bible)

The time of worship Jacob and his family and friends had must have been special. God delivers on His promises. He takes care of His children. Jacob knew this. It was cause for celebration! But it gets better. Jacob was blessed by God, and he received his new name: Israel. Do you think that proved to be an important name? I think we still hear it every day, whether on the news, in the Bible, in church, etc.

Jacob wasn’t perfect. We know that for sure. In fact, his name meant supplanter, or holder of the heel. He was deceptive at times. He was disobedient on many occasions. Why would God bless him? It wasn’t because he deserved it. It was grace through repentance. It was because of his faith and trust in the Lord. Because he embraced God’s plan.

So… do you long to be blessed by God?

If you believe in Jesus, you are already blessed beyond measure. And the Lord might even add to that at times while you’re on this planet. It’s all grace, even when He blesses our obedience. If you want to be like Jacob, you’re in good company. Strive to worship your King. When you make mistakes, repent and pursue His plan.

What stuck out to you in this passage? What did God teach you today? How are you going to apply His Word to your life?

By: Todd Thomas

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

5 thoughts on “February 19, 2016”

  1. I found it interesting that towards the end of the passage Jacob is alternately referred to as Jacob and Israel. I’ve always wondered what the significance of this is. Perhaps when dealing with things of the past (Isaac, Rachel, Esau) he’s referred to as Jacob, but when dealing with the future (traveling on) he’s Israel?

  2. I am a very detail oriented person, and because of it, a lot of times I didn’t see the whole picture of my life, but a few years back my family had to move 5 times in 3 years (not all of it by choice) and every time we had to take less and less stuff with us, but every single time after we moved we had more and more!!! This is when I realized that God has been very good to us and blessed us aboundantly! And all we have to do is believe in Him!

  3. “So they gave to Jacob all the foreign gods which they had…” That is gold right there Todd. And so are the preceding verses where Jacob says to put those things away and purify yourselves.

    Jacob is leading the spiritual charge and — get this — they really do it. His people follow. I want to honor my God at Bethel, and I cannot dare such a thing with all this uncleanliness in my life. Rachel, won’t you finally be done with your false god (31:19), before your life is expected of you? All the little trinkets and earrings, the baubles and charms — all that evidences or accuses you of a divided heart and mind before God — let us cast them aside forever.

    Thank you for Jumpstart today!

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