March 7, 2016

Today you should read: Genesis 47

In today’s passage we see the height of the great famine that God said would come. It has reached all the nations around Egypt and now even the people in Egypt are hit hard. Their money has run out and they are forced to sell everything they have to Pharaoh in order that they might survive. It is in the midst of this great calamity that we find Joseph. Joseph continually shows the wisdom and leadership skills God has given him as he deals with this famine. We also see how God used his life to impact thousands of others because he was continually faithful to The Lord throughout his life. Joseph was faithful to God when he had nothing, when everything had been stripped away and he was in prison. Now we see Joseph being faithful with much: much responsibility and much influence over people he could have easily exploited and not shown grace to.

Of course Joseph could have simply given them the food instead of charging them for it, but I think this also shows Joseph’s wisdom in that he allowed the people to keep their dignity and ability to provide for themselves. This would be something they would need to be successful in the future. Had that been stripped away they would have likely been a perpetual strain on their own country and thus make things worse for themselves.

In thinking about Joseph’s life today I am reminded of what Jesus said in Luke 12:48b:

Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more.

Jesus clearly told us how to live until He comes: we are to seek to glorify Him in everything, work diligently, and obey His commands. This is especially true for leaders, which all of us are in some capacity. The more wisdom, understanding, resources, and talents we have, the more we are responsible to use them for His glory and to influence others for Christ.

So, the question I will leave you with today is: How are you using the talents, resources, and leadership roles God has placed you in to influence others for Christ?

By: Matt Mofield


Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

6 thoughts on “March 7, 2016”

  1. Great thoughts Mo. I appreciated what you said about being trusted with little and then being trusted with much. Often, I think we want God to give us more and more notoriety, popularity, and even ministry fruitfulness, and yet we expect that without truly being faithful to him, especially in the little things. He is gracious though. Honestly, I appreciate that he entrusts us with anything at all.

  2. Thanks Matt! I’d never looked at this passage as a leadership lesson before, but it really is! One thing I noticed is that whatever the situation, Joseph takes it all in stride. He’s the idea guy – rather than getting upset when forced with a crisis, he calmly finds a way around it. We’re not all idea people, but we can take the lesson to stay cool under pressure.

  3. I’m one of those who was thinking, “Dang… he made them slaves… The whole Israelite nation’s enslavement to Egypt is none other than Joseph’s doing…” (something I’d never noticed before. But I’m so glad you pointed out that it was really a way to preserving their dignity–giving them the chance to still provide something in exchange for their food/survival. Very insightful!

  4. It’s steak for Jumpstart today. This is awesome.

    Thanks for the great start to my day. So…I’m considering a reprieve from Jumpstart so that I can do a different devotional with my boys in the morning. It’s called: Long Story Short, by Marty Machowski.

    I really want Jumpstart for spiritual growth, the community, and I’ve even been reading it for a couple weeks with my boys. And it works GREAT for when I’m travelling on occasion. I hate to say that I’m not going to be around….BUT…it’ll be tough to work in both.

    I love you guys!

  5. I have said this before, I need to say it again, I am not only blessed by jumpstart and the comentary that are leaders, take there time out to help us ( CPC family ) grow in our walk with God. Also through your comments, God had blessed me and it made me want to dig deeper into God’s word. Thank you everyone.

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