March 14, 2016

Today you should read: Exodus 3

I’ve seen some out-of-the-ordinary things in my life. I’m sure you have too, but in case you haven’t, I encourage you to to take a day to “people-watch” at an amusement park. Kings Island or Cedar Point will suffice, and I bet that what you’ll experience will carry some serious shock value. Fayette Mall will also do.

Regardless of what you’ve seen or experienced, you’ve probably got nothing on Moses’ experience in Exodus 3: the burning bush.

Only it wasn’t on fire.

Wait — it was.

But it wasn’t affected by the fire.

Oh yeah — the bush is talking too.

“What’s wrong with me? Am I hallucinating? What did I eat last night? Did someone slip something into my Matzo loaf?” These are the questions that must have been going through Moses’ head. Then, the Lord reveals Himself and let’s him know that this encounter is so serious that even the ground he’s standing on is holy. While that can be a puzzling part of the story for us, check out this note on “holy ground” that helped make sense of this for me:

The instructions to Moses are followed by a reason that emphasizes the place where he is standing. The very ordinariness of the location helps make the point that it is holy ground, not because of any special properties of the place but only because of God’s presence. This is representative of a theme in Exodus: God is holy, and he is the one who makes or declares places and people to be holy—and each is properly understood or treated as holy only in its relation to God. The instructions given to Moses here at the burning bush are also given to his successor Joshua when he meets the “commander of the army of the Lord” as Israel is preparing to take Jericho. ESV Study Bible

This encounter with God was powerful. It was one of the defining moments in the life of Moses. Many of us have had powerful moments in our walk with Christ that have defined us and maybe even governed the trajectory of our life and our goals. Since we as believers have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, these moments may happen with some regularity.

Today, as a response to our reading, I want our comments section below to be dedicated to sharing some of our powerful encounters with the Lord. We may not be Moses, but the God of the universe has met with us just like He met with Moses. If you can’t think of something recently, tell us about your salvation testimony. Wherever you were on that day, and whatever you were doing in that moment, I am pretty sure you were standing on the holy ground of Christ’s cross.

By: Todd Thomas

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

5 thoughts on “March 14, 2016”

  1. There have been a few times, but one time sticks out amongst all the others. It was several years ago when I was a student at Georgetown College. I was struggling with control and handing my life over to Him and letting Him steer instead of being my copilot. I wrestled with trusting His plan over my plan, which was nothing new. I’d spent the first portion of my life acting towards God the way an impatient child badgers a parent trying to fix a toy. “Is it done yet?” “Why don’t you try doing…” “Let me do it!”

    I remember going out into the quad and kneeling down and begging God to speak. He reminded me that He reigns. Over everything. He is omnipotent and omniscient, so He is instantly far more qualified to run my life than I am.

    1. I’ve had a few as well, but there are two especially powerful moments that I will never forget.

      The first was about ten years ago, a couple weeks after discovering that my marriage was over. I was walking a friend’s dog along the shore of Lake Keowee in South Carolina and begging.. pleading for God’s help. I was a mess, but in that moment I felt peace… a ridiculous peace that I’d never felt before and have not quite experienced since. It truly was a “peace that passes all understanding” and it was God’s proof to me in that that moment that he was very real and very present.

      The second was at about this time of morning on a flight to Los Angeles. The sky was absolutely on fire that morning! I was struggling with purpose, and as I marveled at that sunrise apparently I let my guard down, because I could very clearly sense that the Lord had a specific purpose for my life. It was an almost audible reassurance, coupled with a beauty that only God can create. To this day, sunrises are a very holy thing for me, and I’m grateful for that.

  2. 11 But Moses protested to God.

    The beginning of verses 11 & 13 really spoke to me this morning. I found myself thinking how many times could I have placed my name in that phrase, “but Mike protested to God”. How many times did the Holy Spirit nudge me to do something and I protested for various reasons?

    Tina and I had a powerful encounter with God beginning back in 1988. We decided it was time for us to have children. In our pride & arrogance we assumed it would be a simple processes and within a year we’d have our first child. Little did we know how much God had to teach us about patience and HIS timing. We battled infertility for 3 long years and lost our first child after Tina finally got pregnant. At first there was anger toward God. Why God? Why us? We acted as if we deserved to be parents and why would God deny us? That was a season of incredible growth as God taught us patience and waiting on his perfect timing. In December of 1991, God blessed us with a son. We were overjoyed by HIS faithfulness. Little did we know that a baby girl was born in Nashville, TN in 1991 that would become his wife in the summer of 2016. As always, God’s timing was, and is still, perfect!

    Based on our extensive battle with infertility, Tina and I assumed we’d have only one child unless we adopted a baby. Three years and 9 months later God blessed us with a beautiful daughter. Tina’s first pregnancy involved extensive infertility treatment while our second one was a complete miracle. The odds of us having a second child were quite slim, so we thought, but God had other plans. Every time I look at my children’s baby pictures I am reminded of God’s faithfulness & blessing.

  3. My son passed March 24th last year at 6 months old due to complcations from Jacobsen syndrome and a congenial heart defect. It was a hard time for my husband Jon, my daughter Alyson, and myself. We were often spilt apart as I lived at the hospital in Columbus, OH with Joey and Jon and Alyson were home. I remember so clearly as Jon and I walked across the hospital lawn, knowing we were going to our son’s death. He had fought hard for 8 days after extensive open heart surgery, but had coded a few times, and was crashing again. I had to step up and tell them he was done fighting, they placed him in my arms as he received his last breathes. As I held my son’s lifeless body in my arms, I could feel God’s arms around me. It was peaceful, and calm. Tears were falling, but I knew one day I would hold my son again. Joey was a miracle in so many ways, a true gift from God. He helped me reestablish my relationship with Christ and through this amazing experience I have been studying, praying, learning, and walking closer to God than ever before.

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