March 16, 2016

Today you should read: Exodus 5

Have you ever felt called by God to do something? Maybe it was to change jobs to share Jesus, move to a city that is less reached with the gospel, start a business based on Christian values to influence a community, plant a church, go on a short term mission trip or move to another country to be a full time missionary. There are a lot of things that God will call his people to do. When you felt called how did you feel about that calling? I would venture to say that although it stretched your faith I bet you were excited about it. You probably were/are ready to take over the world and attach hell with a water pistol. By the way, if God is calling you to do something you should be driven, excited, and you should have big faith. So what happens when it doesn’t go as planned?

In our passage today Moses and Aaron go to speak to Pharaoh for the first time. They knew that Pharaoh wasn’t going to respond well at first but I am not sure they were ready for the backlash from the reality of the suffering God was going to allow the Israelites to go through. It is one thing to be excited that God is going to deliver you but it is another to live through the initial persecutions. Pharaohs response made Israel and Moses question their calling and God’s love for them.

A couple of lessons that we can draw from our passage today as believers are:

  1. Right doesn’t equal easy

If you look through the Bible and through out church history God has done a lot of amazing things through faithful men and women. However, you won’t find one of those stories absent of trials and persecution. God often uses trials to bring forth revival and change. Thant’s why Paul (Romans 5:1-5) and James (1:2-4) both tell us to find Joy in the trials.

2. When you say yes to God mean it without conditions

Every story and calling is different and there will be high’s and low’s. You have to trust God faithfully through the trials and trust Him for the outcome. God might even call you to go and do something and you never get to see the fruit. Are you willing to trust God with your whole life?

By: Chad Wiles

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

One thought on “March 16, 2016”

  1. This passage really got me thinking, and I appreciate the parallel it has with modern life. When Moses and Aaron approach Pharoah, he basically says “yeah, I don’t believe in your God. Go away.” With which they go back to the Lord and say, “hey, why didn’t that work ??”

    Often, I think we get frustrated as Christians when others aren’t receptive to our message, especially when their way of life seems to be working out just fine for them. As a youngster I was always taught something along the lines of “we are all broken and in need of salvation.” But as I got older, I met a lot of very, very happy and successful people who could care less about God. It was a jarring reality! We are indeed all in need of salvation, but sometimes only God himself can provide a compelling enough reason to change.

    Which brings us back to Exodus, as we get ready to see God show Pharoah why He is sovereign and Pharoah is not!

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