June 8, 2016

Today you should read: Psalm 3

You might’ve heard it before, but one of the cool things about the book of Psalms is that it spans the emotions of the human condition. In today’s Psalm, we see David in a position that many people might be facing today. David is in a desperate place with no hope. Can you relate?

Here are a few things we can learn from David today (titles taken from the ESV Study Bible):

  1. What He Sees (v. 1-2)

It is clear that David is in a desperate place. He is being surrounded by people who are attacking, even to the point of questioning his relationship with God.

Have you ever been in a place in your life that you did not believe that God could save you or keep you? That you were too far-gone or too dirty to come to God? Be encouraged today that God is not intimidated by your sin; your sin has been paid for by Christ!

  1. What He Believes (v. 3-6)

In the middle of his crisis, he shows us a wise Biblical principle: to speak truth in the middle of lies. He reminds himself of what he believes to be true about God, and that helps him remember what is true of himself. He reminds himself that God is his protector, that He is close enough that He answers his prayers, and that He is so involved in our lives that He even sustains us in our sleep.

This is the same truth that you should remind yourself of today.

  1. What He Prays For (v. 7-8)

David asks God to save him, to bring restoration. He understands that salvation does not come from the will or the might of man, but from God. Even in the Old Testament, God is the one who saves. For us, Christ is the one who saves. Our salvation has nothing to do with our own merit. We can do nothing to earn it, and we can do nothing to lose it. It is all in the hands of Christ.

The book of Psalms can teach us so much about what it looks like to love God in practical ways. There is no denying that in this life we will face trials and suffering to go along with the joys of life. In all things, negative and positive, throughout the Psalms, we see David continuously come back to reminding himself (and us) that God is someone who is worthy to be trusted. Be encouraged in that today.

By: Graham Withers

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

3 thoughts on “June 8, 2016”

  1. This passage was an anchor for me during a tough period in my life – I’ll bet I read it every night for months. It’s nice to become re-acquainted with it and to be reminded of God’s faithfulness in difficult times!

  2. Reading how David responds to a hard time in his life reminds me of what Corrie Ten Boom would say about facing difficult and uncertain times. “When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.” David is definitely trusting in the Engineer, as is proven by the fact he lays down and goes to sleep (v5.) It may sound silly to say that sleeping shows evidence of trusting in God, but how often do we lose sleep because of being worried about something we’re going through?

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