June 9, 2016

Today you should read: Psalm 4

I’m very excited to read through the book of Psalms with all of you this summer. I love this book because of how personal & relatable it is to our emotions. Also, my favorite preacher (outside of Jesus & Tim Parsons), C.H. Spurgeon, wrote an excellent commentary companion to this book. You can find it here if you want to dig a bit deeper in this book over the summer.

There are four reminders about God in Psalm 4 that I’d like for us to chew on today.

 1. God is our relief in distress. (v. 1)

When we’re in trouble, we tend to either run away from God or go straight to God. Almost every emergency phone call that I get as a pastor, I can envision my prayers in the car rushing to the situation. He is our relief in those trials and times. As David did in verse 1, we are to go to Him in prayer and ask for help. He is gracious and He wants us to trust Him thorough those times.

2. God has set us apart for Himself. (v. 2-3)

King David describes a situation where he is not honored by his people anymore but instead they look at him in shame. He shares how the people seek after lies over truth and love vain words. People are no different today. You can especially see this with religion & politics. People are often attracted to lies and vanity if it benefits them without weighing what God’s Word has to say. God has ultimately set us apart from the world to love holiness and righteousness. We should look different than the world because we are consecrated and sanctified.

3. God wants us to evaluate our hearts & take action on the results. (v. 4-5)

David says be angry, but don’t sin in that anger. Look into your own heart when you can get silent before the Lord. After looking at your heart, your life, and your personal sin, make those wrongs right by offering sacrifices to the Lord and trusting Him. We should be doing heart check ups with the Lord daily as described in these 2 verses. After seeing the sin or the lack of trust in certain areas we should do something about them. We have the forever sacrifice of Jesus instead of the temporary temple sacrifices that helps us deal with these things right then and there. Many times we just don’t put the time in to get real with God. Get alone with God and let Him do heart surgery with you.

4. God is better than the world. (v. 6-7)

In verse 6 it seems like people are struggling before the Lord but in verse 7, the food and the wine is abounding and all is good with the people. Both in loss and abundance, God is better than the world. The joy God puts in our heart because of Him is better than the the seasonal happiness the world gives. When they ask, “who will show us some good?”, the answer is God, because He is better than anything the world can offer.

Center Point, what did God personally remind you of today when reading His word and the Jumpstart commentary? Share below in the comments.

By: Erik Koliser

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

4 thoughts on “June 9, 2016”

  1. Thanks for the encouraging word today Erik! It’s been a stressful week, and the question of “do I run from God or to God” is a good one to reflect on. It’s comforting to remember that God is our relief in times of distress.

  2. No believer is immune from the trials and afflictions of life. In difficult times it is critical that we call upon God. Only He can deliver us out of our troubles. But too many Christians internalize their anxiety rather than rely upon God for relief and rescue. When deeply distressed, believers should pray to God, who is a very present help in time of trouble.

    Prayer is never an exercise in empty chatter, but it is the overflow of a living, dynamic relationship with the one true God who will hear in the day of trouble.

    Life should be lived with the assurance of God’s sovereignty, knowing that he rules over everything for His glory. Even when it seems as if the ungodly have dominated the scene, believers should remember that God has chosen the godly for Himself and will not forsake them.

    “The sovereignty of God is the pillow upon which the child of God rests his head at night, giving perfect peace.” – Chuck Spurgeon

    Thank you for Jumpstart today!

  3. What a great encouragement both from God’s word and from God’s servant’s commentary today! I love his word! I’m thankful for His pursuit of me through the revelation that He is so good and such a satisfying God! “You have put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound!” True, and yes! Thank you, Lord!

  4. I appreciate that you reminded us that “Both in loss and abundance, God is better than the world.” That’s a tough truth to remember when we see the wicked prosper around us or when we go through difficult trials. Something to preach to ourselves every day.

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