June 13, 2016

Today you should read: Psalm 7

Ever had your name dragged through the mud? Had mean and nasty things said about you? Slandered by someone you believed to be your friend, ally, or at least associate? Psalm 7 is a lament of David who has been slandered by a fellow Israelite, of the tribe of Benjamin. This would have certainly been someone David thought was for him, not against him. In his lament we see David cry out to God for refuge and deliverance in the face of this persecution. We also see a plea for the justice of God to be exercised, not only for judgement on the guilty party, but also for repentance. That God’s judgement of this man’s sin would drive Him back to God and that He would repent of his slanderous sin and be reconciled to God and to David.

There are a couple of things we can certainly glean from this Psalm today and apply directly to the times in our lives when some form of malice has been committed against us. First of all in those times, we seek God for deliverance and refuge, not other people or things. It is He who knows the situation intimately and can justly deal with the person who has sinned against us (hopefully convicting their hearts of sin and drawing them to repentance). We should also pray for God to search our hearts and convict us of any sin that we could have committed against the other party, maybe even unknowingly (v.3-5). The Holy Spirit within us will bring those sins to light and allow us to repent and seek forgiveness from The Lord and the other person when necessary. Finally, we can give thanks to The Lord knowing that He is ultimately righteous and just and that His justice will prevail, even when it may seem like it does not.

Maybe you have, or are, experiencing a situation of this type in your life. Spend time today taking it to God, asking Him for refuge, deliverance, justice, and strength. Most importantly, remember that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ experienced this malicious sin in the worst way when He went to the cross for you and I. Remind yourself of the gospel today and take heart that because Christ endured such tremendous suffering, we have been given the power through His Spirit to do so as well.

By: Matt Mofield

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

5 thoughts on “June 13, 2016”

  1. In such tribulations, Christians should run to God who is their only safe fortress. Take refuge in Him who is your rock. He alone can deliver you from your adversary.

    Leave wrath to the Lord. God, the believer’s shield and Savior, is worthy to be praised because He deflects the enemy’s arrows and protects His people.

    David’s model: (v.1-2) Save me, (v.3-5) Search me, (v.6-9) Support me, (v.10-17) Shield me. Before you step out that door, today, will you pray like David?

  2. I was a bit behind from being at camp. I just caught up! I wanted to thank each one of you for the time and love you put into jumpstart. I am enjoying Psalms and learning too!!! Thank you!

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