July 4, 2016

Today you should read: Psalm 24

“Who is the King of Glory?” — Psalm 24

“Who do you say that I am? — Jesus in Mark 8:29

Those are the two of the most important questions ever asked. They both find their “yes and amen” in Jesus Christ. Peter responded correctly when he said to Jesus, “You are the Messiah”, the Chosen One… the King of Glory. The author of Hebrews called Jesus a better King than Melchizedek, king of Salem (a name which means “king of righteousness, king of peace”).

Who is the King of Glory? JESUS.

I find it very interesting where this Psalm lies. Many Bible scholars say that Psalm 22, 23, and 24 are a description of Jesus as King. I wholeheartedly embrace this perspective. It points so clearly to the life of Christ:

Psalm 22 depicts the Suffering King who would lay His life down on the cross for us. He would say the bitter words, “My God, My God! Why have you forsaken me?”

In Psalm 23, we see the exalted Christ as Shepherd King, the one who “lays His life down for His sheep” (John 10) and guides His sheep with infinite wisdom to the greenest of pastures: heaven.

In today’s psalm, Jesus is clearly the King of Glory. Verses 1 & 2 point to God as Creator. This, of course is emphasized in Genesis 1, but we find in Colossians 1 and John 1 that Jesus is God the Creator. All things were created by Him and for Him. In verses 3 & 4, the question is posed, “Who can ascend to the holy mountain of God?” Only One with clean hands and a pure heart (read Revelation 5 when you get a chance). Jesus went to God for us with His perfect life and bridged the chasm our sin had caused. Verses 7-10 ask the question we’ve been discussing from the start of today’s post: “Who is the King of Glory?” Look at the description found in those verses…

Strong & mighty, invincible in battle, the Lord of Heavens Armies. Jesus defeated death by death and overcame it in His resurrection. He overcame our sin. He will overcome Satan and all the evil found in this world. He is the strongest and the mightiest.

I hope that today’s passage and this post will challenge you to love your Savior like never before. I pray that it fosters in you a deeper appreciation for what Christ accomplished when nails went through His hands, thorns on His brow, and a spear in His side. He is the King of Glory, and He deserves to be King of your life. Is He?

What verses jumped out at you today? What encouragement do you find from this psalm?

By: Todd Thomas

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

3 thoughts on “July 4, 2016”

  1. Handel’s Messiah kept running through my mind as I read Psalm 24 today. “Who is the King of Glory?” is one of my favorites. If you haven’t heard it in a while, YouTube has many different choirs & orchestras available in which to listen. Thanks for the commentary Todd! My prayer today is that our nation grows more dependent upon God as we celebrate our Independence Day.

  2. In reading the Psalms, you see there is no gray area! Jesus is the Victor and we find victory in Him alone! He is King of kings and Lord of lords!!!
    Thanks Todd for the recap of the last few Psalms and the breakdown of today’s Pslam.
    I am loving going through the Psalms -I look forward to it everyday ! Thank you all for the time and love you put into this.

  3. Way cool!!!! Thanks Todd! I would have totally missed the central theme of Christ in this Psalm without your commentary today! Praise God!

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