July 22, 2016

Today you should read: Psalm 40

CPC Family: this is a great psalm. It’s one we all need today. Here’s why…

First, many of us have experienced the hand of God meet our needs in profound ways. Maybe through a medical illness, a financial issue, a family/friend reconciliation, an academic need, emotional healing… the list could go on and on. We deserve nothing from God, but He is gracious. And at the top of our list of needs that God has met: salvation in Jesus Christ.

In the comments section below, I want to encourage EVERY SINGLE JUMPSTART READER to post your own celebration of verses 9-10. Let’s tell of God’s provision in our lives. Be specific. Let’s all take these words to heart:

I have told all your people about your justice.
I have not been afraid to speak out,
as you, O Lord, well know.
I have not kept the good news of your justice hidden in my heart;
I have talked about your faithfulness and saving power.
I have told everyone in the great assembly
of your unfailing love and faithfulness.

Second, many of us are hurting or have been waiting for the Lord to answer a specific prayer need. It also may be a medical illness, a financial issue, a family/friend reconciliation, an academic need, emotional healing, etc. This psalm shows us that we need to bring our requests to God and to one another. We are called to bear each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2).

That said, in the comments section below, I want to encourage EVERY SINGLE JUMPSTART READER to post a prayer need. Please be specific if you can. And everyone who comes across it today, STOP WHAT YOUR ARE DOING. Pray. Serve one another through intercession.

We are told in Romans 12:15 to “weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.” Let’s do that today. Let’s do it here, where we dive into God’s inspired word together daily.

By: Todd Thomas

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

9 thoughts on “July 22, 2016”

  1. One way in which I have seen the Lord answer prayers and bless my family is with the business my wife and I run. There have been numerous instances where I have clearly seen the Lord protect us and provide for us in our business.

    Regarding prayer requests, I would ask that my CPC family pray for the adoption of our child from China. We should be traveling next month and I ask that everyone pray that God prepare Olive’s heart for the transition of joining our family.

  2. A great Blessing in my life was when the Lord guided my every step when I ventured to NYC the Saturday after 9/11 and protected we as I ministered to some street people especially a man named Angel , who ended up going to 2 services with me to Times Square Church . It was amazing how the Lord protected me as I slept 6 nights on the street myself and the greatest thing about the 7 weeks I stayed there was the Peace I had in my heart because I knew I was doing what the Lord wanted me to do ( a special kind of Peace ) My prayer request would be for my son and daughter to completely surrender to God ‘s Will in their lives and a healing touch in my life ( herniated disk) Thanks be praying for Gregg and Hannah’s adoption process and childs ajustment

  3. I never thought I’d get to stay at home when we had kids, so being able to quit and only work two days a week was a huge blessing. After months of prayer and hoping to be able to stay home full-time, God confirmed it was time. This week was my last day working! I’m humbled, amazed and thankful for the opportunity. I truly stand in awe that this is happening…as the Psalm states, such knowledge is too wonderful for me too lofty for me to attain.

  4. We really had seen God’s hand bless us when our daughter had a lump growing on her face right on the side of her eye, since her birth. She was too young for the surgery and the lump was too close to the nerve and the artery on her head so the doctors said that we had to wait at least for a year before they could decide anything, meanwhile, it just kept on growing and causing her a lot of pain and discomfort. One friday night we prayed with our church for God to heal her and by Monday morning it was completely gone!!! Before it was about the size of a walnut and over the weekend it disappeared completely!!! Praise be to God!!!
    For a prayer request: please, pray for my brother- he’s involved with a bad company of people and started using drugs. Please, pray that God would save his soul and give him real God-fearing friends. Thank you

  5. A huge blessing in my life came during this last spring semester of my college career. I had to find an internship to complete my degree and was having no luck. God placed an amazing opportunity for me to move to Florida and work for the retail department of the Miami Marlins. This fell into my lap and was completely God’s plan. After receiving the internship, we realized it may not be financially smart for me to move down here and I was about to have to decline the offer due to expenses. A little over a week before I was to move down here, my best friend’s (whose family was also worried for my safety down here alone) uncle willingly offered me his condo down here to stay in for a few months while I find a place of my own and while he went home to Kentucky for the summer. All God and a true miracle and it couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for me down here- job and housing. I am so thankful.

  6. 2 He drew me up from the pit of destruction,
    out of the miry bog,
    and set my feet upon a rock,
    making my steps secure.
    I love this verse, the Lord clearly pulled me from the pit I had put myself in, and now has truly placed me on and with my stable rock(my husband)!

    My prayer would be for my dear son, Dustin. Major, exciting life changes coming his way! Please pray that he’s following God’s will and not just his emotions!

    Thank you Tina and Mike Pepper for turning me on to JumpStart!!

  7. Mary Lynn,
    We are so happy for you and Dustin! Tina and I are a day behind on Jumpstart as we were off work on Friday and traveled to Nashville to see our son. We will be praying for Dustin & you!

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