August 23, 2016

Today you should read: John 8:48-58

When reading this passage, it is difficult for me to not find it pretty humorous. Not in a way that is making fun of anything; I just find it funny the way the Jews are coming across to Jesus. Jesus had just laid out to them the truth of their motives and that their hearts were wrong. He went as far as to say that they are children of the devil. What makes this humorous is that Jesus can see into their hearts, and He knows the true motives and desires behind their actions. They however do not see it this way, and their rebuttal to Jesus is to insult Him. They call Him a Samaritan who has a demon possessing him. Culturally this was them calling Jesus a heretic.  Jesus’ reply shows their ignorance. A demon would never look to exalt anything but themselves, and Jesus makes it very clear that he is not about Himself, but He is about honoring and bringing glory to His Father.

In reading this passage I am asking myself why I often question Jesus, and why I do not recognize that he knows me and my motives and I cannot argue with or question Him.

Jesus shows us that he is eternal with the next exchange with the Jews. Jesus told them that anyone who keeps his word will not taste death. They come back saying that the prophets died and Abraham died. The Jews were not seeing that physical death was not what Jesus was referring to. He even mentions that Abraham was excited to His day. He not only makes the claim that he was there with Abraham, He makes the claim that He is “I am.” Jesus is making known that He is God and He has always been and always will be. Jesus literally being the Messiah shares the Gospel with this group of Jews and their response is to stone Him.

How does this shape the way you view sharing the Gospel?

What comfort is there knowing that Jesus has always been and always will be?

How are you resting in the joy as a believer that you will never taste spiritual death?

By: Dakota Gragg

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

One thought on “August 23, 2016”

  1. Dakota,

    Great reminder how Jesus has always been with and always be with us in the future. Sadly, myself and many believers don’t rest (and take advantage) of this powerful truth. It’s crazy to think Jesus was there with Abraham, with Noah, with David and now stands with us where we are, in the here and now. I pray that our church can remember that Jesus stands with us today and will for all eternity.

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