November 17, 2016

Today you should read: 1 Samuel 18

As we continue in our study of 1 Samuel we see the aftermath of David’s underdog victory over Goliath.  This starts a life long journey of conflict and jealousy between King Saul and David. Before we explore that dysfunctional family situation we see a beautiful picture of true friendship and love between brothers in Christ in v. 1-4. When most men first read some of the language that the Bible uses to describe this friendship, they may feel a bit awkward.

  • His soul was knit to his soul (v. 1, 3)
  • Loved him as his own soul (v. 1)
  • Made a covenant with David (v. 3)

In fact some Christians who want to shape Scripture toward their own biased opinions or feelings have even taken the above account toward homosexual feelings. But in reality, this is just true friendship between two men who love the Lord and want to accomplish His will before their own. Jonathan recognized his father’s own sin and how God’s hand was upon David and he wanted to help a person to accomplish God’s will. I think back of certain accountability partners I’ve had and co-laborers in Gospel ministry in this way. When you’re fighting the frontlines of the enemy with other guys who love Jesus, you want to be in the foxhole with men you feel knitted to with the same love and bond for Christ and you can trust their word. Men who are reading this, do you have accountability partners, discipleships and friendships with these types of men? I’d strongly encourage you to pursue them.

In verses 5-30 we see 2 parallel characteristics in our two main characters from this chapter. The jealousy of Saul and the humility in David. From the very beginning of David’s rise in leadership, Saul started getting territorial and afraid. He tried to kill him himself and made strategic plans to kill him in war (something David would later do in his affair with Bathsheba). Saul couldn’t stand the glory David was receiving and had great fear that the people would dethrone him for David. Through this, David remained humble and didn’t let this new celebrity status go to his head or even seek out the power the people started placing on him. He just wanted to accomplish God’s will in God’s timing and that’s truly the best heart to have if you want to have God’s favor upon you. What characteristics do people see in you? Jealousy or humility? How do you respond to persecution? Do you want to fight back or do you trust God’s will in humility?

By: Erik Koliser

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “November 17, 2016”

  1. Trusting in God’s timing and His good plan is hard. I love the humble example David gives us here and in the next chapters. We need to submit to our authorities whether we like them or not.

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