December 5, 2016

Today you should read: Matthew 2

Who is King?

It being the holiday season, we are going to not only hear the story of Matthew 2 repeated, but we’ll also see a variety of Nativity Scenes depicting part of this story. We are all familiar with the basic plot points: wise men show up to bring gifts to the baby king, Herod gets jealous and kills the toddlers in Bethlehem while Jesus, Mary and Joseph had fled to Egypt and returning to Nazareth when the coast was clear.

However, as Paul Harvey would say, it’s time for the “rest of the story.” In Matthew 1, the Gospel writer is trying to establish Jesus as the King of the Jews. After all, Jesus is in the line of David through whom God made an irrevocable covenant in 2 Samuel 7. Matthew will also provide many OT prophecies and allusions pointing to Jesus as the fulfillment of the Messianic expectation.

If we were first century Jews sitting around the fire reading Matthew 2, many elements would jump off the page. First and foremost, Herod was not a nice guy. “Herod was a mean, paranoid, narcissist—‘After frequent disputes with Caesar Augustus, the emperor uttered his famous pun that he would rather be Herod’s pig (hys) than his son (huios)’” (NAC). Why? Because it is known through extra-biblical sources that this Herod (yes, there were other Herod’s) put many people to death, including immediate family members, who he thought were trying to usurp his throne. How ironic is it, then, for three (maybe) Persian (probably) wise men to show up bringing gifts to a “new” king of the Jews. This is like walking up to a uniformed police officer offering to sell scalped tickets—bad idea.
Matthew does a great job pointing to Jesus’ kingship. However, what I want to focus on are the reactions—the same reactions we find toward Jesus today. Herod, when he heard about Jesus, reacted with worry and rejection. He immediately began plotting how to preserve his power and prominence.

The wise men, however, reacted with worship. Looking at the gifts they brought, these items were not what one would give to a carpenter’s son, they are gifts for royalty. We love to break them apart—the gold symbolizes Jesus purity and perfection, frankincense points to God’s presence like the incense in the temple, and myrrh was used for embalming, pointing to Jesus’ death. While that may have been in the mind of the wise men, we don’t really know. What we can definitively say is that these items were hugely expensive, expensive enough to provide a family of three enough wealth to travel to Egypt for a number of years to hide.

The question we should be asking ourselves from this story is, who is the king of my life? If Jesus is king of my life, it’s going to cost something—comfort, control, acceptance from peers, or maybe even my life. What does it look like for Jesus to be king of your life? That’s the question we should be asking ourselves each day.
In God’s timing, funny as it often is, you all will be reading this the day before I go to teach this exact passage to a group of college students. I’d love it if those who read this would take a second and hit the “leave a comment” button and answer this question, “Wherever you’re at in your life right now, what would you want a bunch of college students to know about making Jesus King of their lives?” I’d love to get 100% response on this. Keep it short because I don’t have much time. I think it will be really neat for them to get to hear the wisdom from the Body of Christ! I look forward to reading your responses.

By: Tyler Short

Author: Center Point Church

A multi-campus church in central Kentucky. Our mission is to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

12 thoughts on “December 5, 2016”

  1. I would like to be as obedient as Joseph. I can drag my feet, but Joseph listened and followed God’s voice. His obedience impacted the whole world.❤️ I’m gonna be like Joseph!

  2. “keep it short”…..good one Tyler Short. Here’s what I’d say to college students about making Jesus King of your life. He is the ONLY thing you’ll ever find in this life worth giving yourself to completely. If my lifetime were measured like a football game, and I have the average life expectancy of an American male……let’s just say I’m getting deep in the 3rd quarter. Nothing else satisfies like Jesus. Money cannot, career cannot, children cannot, nothing but Jesus!

  3. In America we have the freedom to choose our God, for good or bad. Many countries the citizens are required to worship the chosen leader of that country. Choose wisely. The decision has long term impact.

  4. Making Jesus King of your life is not a one time decision. Every day you have to “choose you this day whom you will serve.” I find if I don’t consciously surrender to Jesus daily, I end up orienting my life toward some other thing, and like Jim said, those things don’t satisfy. Jesus always, always does.

  5. Making Jesus King of your life is the best decision you will ever make. It’s hard at times to live the Christian life, but it is oh so worth it!

  6. Things in life besides Jesus will quietly and insidiously try to become your king. Be aware of who/what gets your time, money, and attention. Make it Him. It will be a battle. And you must fight like your life depends on it.

  7. As a college student, many (including those whose salary your tuition pays for) will strongly encourage you to ‘think freely’… that you’re too smart to believe this Jesus stuff. But I smell Herod lurking about because, oddly, the truth of Jesus is the only ‘truth’ that is not valid according to this viewpoint. At the end of the day, whom from this story would you chose to emulate: Herod or the wise men? Choosing Jesus as king of your life will put you at odds with this very vocal group of people; but the wisdom of the ages and the millions who’ve walked this path before you is at your disposal.

  8. Everyone you come in contact with in college has a hidden agenda. They try to guide you to their point of view on social, political, and religious beliefs. Jesus has a open agenda. He wants a personal relationship with you. Evaluate everything you are told through the lense of the cross and determine the truth for yourself.

  9. From an old guy thats gone through a lot of things my best advice to you is to surrender to Christ daily and dont let the world lead you astray . Heres my best saying ” when I live close to the Lord I make good decisions , when I dont live close to the Lord I make bad ones that may cause me a lot of pain .

  10. Choosing Him everyday isn’t always easy, but it is the Only choice worth making. At one point I loved my worldly life more than anything else. And in a flash everything I knew and loved was gone forever. Who was there? The King, the Father, the forgiver, the savior, the light in the darkness. He is and always will be the only truth, the only constant you will ever need.

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